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TOS Review: Write with WORLD


I was given the opportunity to review Write with WORLD by the Company Learn with World who publishes God's World Magazine

What is "Write with WORLD"?
It is a brand new writing program created by the publishers of God's World Magazine. It comes with a Teacher/Parent Handbook and Student Book. The student will also need to be provided with a journal, thesaurus, and occasionally a good quality magazine.
For $95.00 you get the parent handbook, student book and annual web access.
One does not need to subscribe to God's World Magazine to use this writing program. Although it does use God's World Magazine in some of the lessons, it can easily be substituted with another quality magazine of your choosing.
"Write with World" is a middle school writing program for grades 6th, 7th and 8th, but can be used for 9th grade as well .
It is a two year program with this being Year 1.
Here is a quote from the website;
"Write with World teaches the skills necessary for becoming an effective writer while encouraging students to step outside the vacuum. Young writers need to see models of excellent writing on a regular basis. They need to read materials produced by published authors, and they need to engage in conversations with writers. They need opportunities to practice using language with a purpose and without the stress of being graded. They need writing assignments that are timely and thought-provoking. They need readers. They need thoughtful response to their efforts."
The program is broken down into Units.
Year 1 has 4 Units. Within each Unit there are 4 lessons.
 Each lesson has Five Capsules.
 Below, 2.3.4 simply means Lesson 2~Unit 3~Capsule 4.

Do I need a separate grammar program when using Write with WORLD?
"Write with World" has chosen to concentrate on 19 of the 20  grammar errors made by U.S. college students based on Andrea Lunsford's research. Some examples are: 
  • it/it's
  • wrong or missing prepositions
  • misplaced modifiers
Because Write with World is focusing on the 19 grammar errors, you don't need a separate grammar program. But, you can add one in if you like. 
How we used it
I had Annette complete one capsule a day. She was able to complete one lesson a week.
The first lessons have the student look at pictures. The purpose was to have the child 'read' the image. Is the person happy or sad, what is the person doing, wearing? 
They had to ask questions about the pictures and write down words that described the picture. Eventually the child wrote about the image.
Here are Annette's question about a picture of a surfer:
1.Is the surfer a boy or girl?
2. How old is the surfer?
3. What kind of surfboard is the surfer using?
4. Why might he be surfing?
5.How does the picture make me feel?
Here is what Annette wrote about the surfer:
"The surfer is a man around eighteen years old. His surfboard is white. There is no one else in the picture. It is most likely summer. The man may be surfing for fun or maybe he is practicing for a competition. The picture makes me feel like I want to go to the beach."
For the most part, Annette, could do the assignment on her own. Toward the end of the day we would talk and discuss the assignment and what she wrote.

The Parent Handbook has reduced copies of the student text. This makes it easy for the parent to have those discussions because everything is right in front of you with added teacher notes.
The lessons progress with having the child write nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs that they come up with to describe a picture (not the same as the surfer). They are to choose the best ones to create a word-image.
Here are links to the Table of Contents and Sample Lessons.
My thoughts on "Write with WORLD"
It gave me a fresh look on writing. In the past I have used programs that use narration and copywork. "Write with World" was different, and I liked it! I liked that it stretched Annette with using stronger verbs and adverbs. She enjoyed describing things using her thesaurus to find descriptive words.

As a homeschooling mom of 9 years, I have looked at or used many writing programs. I can honestly say this is one of the least intimidating. Many of the writing programs I have looked at in the past have overwhelmed me and I felt like, "I can't do this". With "Write with WORLD", I feel confident with teaching writing. The instructions are clear and the Parent Handbook is helpful and provides notes on how to help your child.

I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing this program, upon concluding with this review, Annette has completed Unit 1 and wishes to continue Write with WORLD! Unit 1 took her four weeks to finish.

To read more reviews for Write with World, please click here.
**Disclaimer: As a member of the TOS Crew, I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for my
honest review. All opinions are mine.


  1. Awesome Review!!!!! I really want to look into this program for Joshua!

  2. I think you did a lovely job on your first review for the Crew! Lots of good information here and it is obvious you spent a lot of quality time on it.

    Thank you!


  3. Hello! I am Dana Adams, one of your fellow Crewmates. I loved your review and felt it was extra thorough. I am now following you and if you would like to follow me as well, I would appreciate it! :-) Awesome Review!!! :-)


  4. Great review and so well written. It was very informative and the pictures were a perfect addition. :)

    Nice to know that Annette is enjoying it too. Got to love when kids take pleasure in their schoolwork!

  5. Hi! Visiting from the Crew! Great review - very thorough. I too enjoyed Write with World. We're looking forward to using it going forward as well.

    Now following! Come on by and visit me sometime - www.eclecticmontage.com.



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