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Week 29

Week 29. April 9-12, 2012.

Look what my SIL gave me, a Tassimo (the mug my sister Cynce gave me a few years back). Now I'm addicted to this coffee machine. It's so easy. Just pop in a disk and when the 'auto' light goes on I push a button. That's it!

As for school, I think I'm getting the February blues in April. I thought it wasn't going to hit me because I changed things up so much in Dec./Jan.

I haven't taught All About Spelling in weeks. Shurley Grammar is almost completed but it too has not been done in at least three weeks. Yikes! Although thankfully with Write Shop we are getting some grammar in.

With my two youngest, its been taking two weeks to finish one week worth of school. Oh my!

I thought I should share this though so you all don't think I'm Super Homeschooling Mama using three Heart of Dakota Guides (HOD) and extras. I want y'all to be encouraged not discouraged =)

Now for what we have done in pictures.
Little Hearts
Completed Unit 5
Focus for the week: The Exodus Out of Egypt

After reading from our devotional book, there is a prayer. Normally I read it but today, I thought I should have him fold his hands and close his eyes to show respect for his Saviour. I'm ashamed of myself for letting something so simple but yet VERY important be forgotten. It seems these days I'm always in a hurry. I need to slow down and smell the roses as they say.
 101 Favorite Bible Stories
 One of our science lesson was about soil.
 Below we used Chocolate Chips to represent 'rocky soil', crushed Oreo Cookies for the rich topsoil and slivered almonds for the thin humus layer.,

Lance, also completed five lessons from Talking Fingers, practiced his Fluency Chart from All About Reading and did Math Whizz daily.

Beyond Little Hearts

Completed half of Unit 14
Focus: More Problems for the Pilgrims at Plymouth

Ethan, is slowly completing his cursive book.

Ethan, making making a St. George flag.
I didn't take too many photos of Ethan schooling but did manage to get one of him sleeping.
Ethan, completed 3 Teaching Textbook lessons and used Trickomatics daily. With Phonics Pathways, he has been reading and copying words from the same page. I want him to be able to read all the words smoothly before moving on. He has learned about the suffix-y. How the 'y' makes its 4th sound at the end of funny, misty, bunny etc.
Preparing School
 Completed Unit 15
Focus: Coming into the Golden Age
Caleb, writing his written narration.
 Brent, completing a Reading Express lesson from Reading Eggs.
 Brent and Caleb (Ethan watching) finishing a Write Shop lesson.
The boys have continued with their math. Right now Caleb is using Mathematical Thinking Level F from the Critical Thinking Company (TOS Crew item) in place of Math-U-See for now. Brent, is still using Teaching Textbook but it's getting more difficult for him. His scores went from the 90-100 %down to 80-90%. Sometimes barely making the 85%. At first he was stuck on division but he now understands it. I would go over his problems with him daily. He still is having trouble with double and three digit multiplication. Hopefully Trickomatics will help with that.

My Annette, reading from America the Beautiful. She is half way done with part 2. She completed Analytical Grammar Season 2 on Monday, so I told her she could take a break and have the rest of the week off for grammar. She is so diligent with her school work.
Joshua working on Systematic Math. He now corrects his own math. If he misses a problem I have him write the correct answer and rework the problem to find the solution. This has really helped him with figuring it out. Before when I was correcting his work and not providing the correct answer he would keep missing. I have noticed that now he's figuring things out.
Next week he is going to take a break from Systematic Math and use Ko's Journey. 
I have Annette and Caleb playing this as well. It's very challenging for them.

Another week down. Yay!

P.S. I don't know what the deal is with my spacing and font color. Since Blogger upgraded my spacing is correct upon writing but once I publish my post it's no longer spaced right. I have respaced some post but it doesn't fix the problem. Strange and frustrating.


  1. I'm a long time overdue to visit. Life has been filled with visiting my grandmother in the hospital (she is finally home), the miserable flu, and then I took a nasty fall. I am finally recovering and finally making the blog rounds.

    I've really missed visiting but enjoyed catching up on some reading while sipping some coffee and thinking of you!

    I showed your post to my daughter (the one with your son climbing the doorway) and she said, "Oh, I hope he's okay and didn't break his arm like I did!". That's pretty much what she was doing when she fell.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Looks like a great week. I am in awe of all you accomplish with multiple children!! I only have two, one of which is mostly self sufficient, and I still can't completely get my act together!

  3. I totally understand you love for your coffee maker we got a keurig last year and I love it.. sometimes i just weant 2 cups and its fast and fabolous! enjoyed reading your post this morning.. have a great weekend!

  4. You are a super woman/homeschooling mama to me! :) Love your coffee maker!


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