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Week 30

Week 30. April 16-20, 2012.

I feel like the rabbit on Alice in Wonderland, "I'm late, I'm late, I'm late" with this review.

Josh and Annette, continue to learn Latin. They practice together at least four days a week.

Joshua 8th Grade

Joshua, continues to use Sequential Spelling but said, he would prefer a rule based one next year. I think he prefers a list of words to practice Monday~Thursday and a test on Friday, so I'm looking into a few spelling programs for him to use next year.
He still likes Bob Jones, below he is writing a summary from his history textbook.

Joshua, has matured a lot this year. He still writes his own schedule and corrects most of his work. I still sit with him now-and-then with a few subjects like math and grammar. He still using Systematic Math and is on his third week of Rod and Staff's remedial grammar program.
He stopped using Bob Jones Bible and his helping me review Judah Bible Curriculum.

Annette 6th Grade
 Six more weeks to go and Annette, still enjoys her science. I'm so happy for her. She is doing great with researching, writing summaries and sketching pictures.
Annette, was happy to do a science experiment. My poor little gal, I have been meaning to do more experiments with her but I keep forgetting. I told her she needs to remind me and write what she needs so we can do more of them. Hopefully this will change and we'll get a few more done before the school year ends.
Soaring with Spelling, she has completed lesson 29 and continues to do well. She usually misses about two, once in a while 4. Once she studies them and says the word slowly she pretty much remembers.
She is right on target with America the Beautiful and on the 3rd Season of Analytical Grammar. She is enjoying Write with World and does most of it on her own with me checking her work.

Caleb 5th Grade and Brent 4the Grade
Preparing School
Completed Unit 16
Focus: Alexander the Great Conquers the World

We are chugging along in our studies. The children are loving Heart of Dakota~Preparing Hearts for His Glory. They love the time we spend together but they don't like doing the work. I believe the majority of the reason is laziness. Their number one complaint is writing in cursive. Much of the copywork is suppose to be done in cursive. If it's a long scripture passage, I will let them write one verse in cursive and the other in print BUT it has to be neat. It seems they both write nicely in cursive but sloppy in print. Weird.

Brent, copying a paragraph.
 Brent, completing a Teaching Textbook assignment.
I love that Write Shop has the children keep a reading log. This will help my reluctant readers, reading daily (although they do read a lot with Heart of Dakota).
Here are the books the Caleb and Brent picked.
On their log they write the pages, date and a short summary.
They both completed two All About Spelling lessons and do their own math daily. Extra math for Caleb is a computer game called Ko's Journey and he continues using Math Whizz. Brent, uses Timez Attack and a new TOS Crew review item called CapJaxMathFax.

Ethan 3rd Grade
Beyond Little Hearts
Completed the 2nd half of Unit 14
Focus:More Problems for the Pilgrims

Although it took two weeks to complete Unit 14, Ethan does continue with math, grammar, spelling etc. It's usually the history, Bible, and poetry that is stretched out.

Copied part of a poem.
 Practiced the 'sh' words.
 Completed three Rod and Staff English assignments.
 Science Exploration~the chief of the Massasoit tribe was very sick and was dying. Edward Winslow made him some broth which was easily digested and gave him the nourishment the Chief needed. Below the coffee filter is the stomach and the salt mixture is the broth. After pouring the 'broth' and seeing how it is easily digested, we then crumbled crackers and added it to the broth and Ethan was able to see how solid food take more time to digest.
 Here, I demonstrated how God, parted the sea to let the Israelites pass. The pepper was the sea.
 When I added a drop of dish soap, the sea parted.

Lance 1st Grade
Completed 3 days of Unit 6
Focus: The Promised Land

Coloring a page from All About Spelling.
 Home Economics. Lance, making his famous Banana Bread. Ingredients~banana and two slices of bread. Cut banana in slices, place on one slice of bread, once all the banana slices are placed on the bread put the second slice on top. Eat and enjoy!
 Penmanship practice.
 Mom, making sure he starts at the top.
 Mixed toothpaste and glue to make mortar.
 He painted the mortar between the bricks.
 He added a red 'string'. God saved Rahab and helped the spies over the wall.
4 year old, Little J joins our Little Hearts school.
 I showed him how to carefully wipe the excess glue on the rim of the bowl. Here he is checking to make sure he doesn't have too much.

Ethan, helped make chicken salad.


  1. Wow! Looks like your homeschool is so organized! I'm a bit jealous! ;) I love your beautiful blog and all of the information you share here. I'm already following you, too. Hope you have a blessed week!

  2. Great stuff. Looks like another great week! Where did you get the huge pump gallon bottle of glue???I want one!!

  3. You know, I have SS here, but I just have this gut feeling that Joshua won't like it, so I haven't tried it. Though I like SS, I think there's something overwhelming about that long list.


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