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Beginning Week 36

This is our last 'official' week!!! Then a two week vacation. Oh how fun.

Tomorrow I hope to accomplish:
  • Complete a Days worth of Preparing with Caleb and Brent
  • Complete a Days worth of Beyond with Ethan.
  • Complete a Days worth of Little Hearts with Lance.
  • enVisionMATH 4 with Ethan.
  • A Reason for Spelling with Ethan.
  • A Reason for Writing with Lance.
  • Phonics Pathways with Ethan.
  • Phonics Pathways with Lance.
  • WriteShop Jr. with Caleb and Brent.
  • WriteShop Primary B with Ethan (Journal entry).
If I could get the above done, it will be a good homeschooling day. (a line through an assignment means completed)
Editing to add that I didn't get all I wanted to done, but there is still tonight. Maybe I can do some reading after nap is over and have Ethan read to me too!

Either Monday or Tuesday my Critical Thinking Co. order should be here. The package has left the Dallas sort facility. Once our two week vacation is up, four of my children will start different levels of Mathematical Reasoning and I'm super excited to be able to review Professor B Math. When I ordered the Mathematical Reasoning workbooks I didn't know I would be reviewing Professor B.

Last night when I wrote this post I forgot I had an orthodontist appointment, so much for the big dreams. I'll be happy to get half of the above done ;) I was on my way to bed when I remembered. Oh well. I picked dark blue bands. I'm going to miss my pink ones =o)

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