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Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

 We had Spaghetti yesterday, yum, with lots of cheese and homemade sauce. I used the recipe below that my sister Cynce sent me. I tweaked it a bit. I usually don't have fresh onion or garlic, so I add dehydrated onions and minced garlic. I also add some Oregano and Celery Salt.
 {click to enlarge photos}
 I love how the spices look, so of course I took a picture. My family doesn't care for the tomato chunks (sigh), so I use a hand help blender to blend it all up. My hubby loves my sauce!
 After supper I decided to make my hubby some Chocolate Chip Cookies. One of his favorites.
 They were so good. Of course again, I tweaked the recipe that's included on the package. I plan ahead when making these cookies because the butter needs to be juuuust right. I don't have a microwave so I take out my butter in the morning and let it soften to where it's almost melting. I also add an egg white to the two eggs that the recipe calls for, so two eggs and one egg white. Instead of 1tsp. Vanilla I add a TBLS. I use 1/2 cup less sugar and instead of 2 cups white flour I use whole wheat with the last 1/2 cup being white. Lastly, I bake my cookies for 9 minutes, check them and if needed let them bake 1 minute more and continue until done. I found that not over baking makes for a good chewy cookie a day later and then some (if they last that long).
So basically:
*add an egg yolk
*replace 2cups of white flour for whole wheat
*instead of 1tsp Vanilla make it a TBLS
*use less sugar. I decrease mine by a 1/2 cup
*butter is softened more than room tempature but not melted (you don't want it liquidy)
*watch those cookies, don't let them over bake


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  1. Hey Linda! Your sauce looked scrumptious. My kids aren't real fond of chuncks of tomato either, hopefully they will grow out of that one day. Your cookies look delicious too.


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