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ClickN Spell Review

ClickN Spell is an online computer program that covers over 800 of the most commonly used words. The words are grouped into five levels.

Your child starts at the Spelling Station. Cosmo Cat introduces eight spelling words. The child sees the word, Cosmo Cat, says the word and uses it in a sentence. The child is to copy the word in the space below. If spelled correctly, the child then spells the same word again, but this time without seeing it. If the misspell the word they start over. If spelled correctly they move to the next word.

The Practice Pod is the next step. Here the child practiced the eight words that he was introduced to in the Spelling Station. Misspelled words will be highlighted until the child can spell the word correctly.

Lastly is the Testing Terrace. The 5th lesson has the child take a pop quiz of ten randomly selected words. The test is composed of twenty randomly selected words from the previous lessons.

At the end of each lesson, the parent is emailed a lesson report. If a child needs more practice he can redo a lesson until he masters the words.

The way we use ClickN Spell; I first make sure the children have a good base with phonics. Meaning that they know the silent final 'e' makes the vowel say its name.
ClickN Spell is a good way to cement those spelling words. My boys enjoy the 20 minute lesson and Cosmo Cat ;) If they have trouble with a word then I'll have them go over the spelling/phonics rule before moving on.

Disclosure, I received a free subscription in exchange for my honest review, all opinions are mine.

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