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Day 160

The past few days I have been reading Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH and Racso and the Rats of NIMP.

Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH has sat on our shelf for years but I have never taken the time to read it. Annette found the book and devoured it. She couldn't wait to get her hands on the second book. We ordered it and again, where did my Annette go? She was found with her nose in a book. Once she finished it I read it too. We both agreed that the second was as good as the first.

As for school..........my children love to have hot chocolate, especially when I'm going to read.
Here is Caleb, very happy with his cup of cocoa.
 I don't know why but some of my pictures came out a bit blurry. I really liked Caleb's smile in the above picture too :(
A close-up of his yummy mug of cocoa.
 While Caleb sipped I read from Grandfather's Box.
Below Josh with his favorite drink.
 He wanted me to take a picture of what he used. The Starbucks canister is from over five months ago. We just mix our own and put it in the container.

We started Lesson 2 of WriteShop Jr. Book D. This was a fun lesson for the boys. In this lesson I was to teach how to narrow down a broad topic. We were suppose to make a 'Shrinking Machine' but instead I searched the Internet for a robot printable.
I cut a piece out to feed the paper through.

Here is what we did. I wrote a topic 'Pet', I told the children that this is too broad. We don't know what kind of pet, we folded the paper so it would fit through the 'machine' slot. Behind our Incredible Shrinking Machine (I.S.M) I had a paper half the size of the previous one, I made it look like it was coming out slowly through the top (like through a fax machine) and pulled it out. On this smaller paper was 'Rabbit'. Now we knew what kind of pet but we still needed to narrow the topic down.
Like before one of the boys folded the paper and put it through the machine. I again, picked up a yet smaller paper to feed through the top. Out came the paper with the word 'Fluffy'. We continued in this manner until our paper was very small and we narrowed down the topic 'Feeding Fluffy a carrot'.
I did this again with another topic. Once we were done with this activity I moved to the Model and Teach activity. I modeled how to teach writing fiction with humor. We came up with a topic, narrowed it down and wrote a paragraph. Since I'm teaching two children at the same time they went back and forth with the sentences as I wrote them on the whiteboard. I helped to get the story going.  It was about Caleb, riding a unicycle, while playing Poptropica on his laptop.
Since it was suppose to be humorous, fiction story, I let the kids go a bit wild and just have fun with it.
I have to mention, when we started at 1:20p.m. both children were yawning. By the time we finished (a little before two) they were awake and laughing.

Sunday night I put together the Fold-N-Go Grammar~Self Editing. This is made from a file folder, one for each boy.
With Ethan, we made milk into curds and whey.

We tasted the curds and it was salty. We didn't dare touch the whey!

Lance, completing a Thinking Skills 1 lesson.

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