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Day 162

A walk through our Homeschool Day.
 Humorous story.
 Learning about the stars.
 Learning on the computer, she is actually memorizing the capital of each state. Once she completes a lesson she can play for a bit.
 I'm usually the one taking pictures, so today, I had Annette, take a picture of Josh and I together. It's sad, but I don't know the last time we have taken a photo together.

 Brent likes to work his problems out on paper first, then enter his answers via the cd-rom.
 Ethan working on lesson 1 of Right into Reading Book 2. He was suppose to start this at the beginning of the year but it was too hard. I kind of forgot about it, saw it on the bookshelf and decided to see if he was ready for it.
 He did pretty good.
 I did tell him the word 'sugar', I had him highlight the word and as he did to say the word as well.

 It's not everyday that Ethan will let me take a picture of him, so I took advantage of the oppurtunity.
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