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Day 164

I didn't get around to posting a "Week in Review" last week. Well we complted week 31 and are now on week 32. WOW!!!

As for Day 164........................Ethan working on his weaving ;) today, I read about when the Indians traded land for beads, buttons, knives and blankets. Later, their 'stuff' was becoming old. Knives broke, beads became lost and blankets wore out. They were feeling cheated because the land they traded was still 'new' and not lost, like the items they traded for.
 His completed blanket.
 Ethan, enjoyed making the hat more than 'weaving' =)

Ethan, also completed a page from his phonics workbook and read from Phonics Pathway.
No grammar today, hopefully we'll get a lesson in tomorrow. Although he doesn't do grammar every, single, day of the week, we do talk about it at times using other programs. It may not always be incorporated daily from his Rod and Staff textbook but we do discuss it.

Caleb, is reading from Little Miram as part of his history program. Both him and Brent are on Unit 19 of Preparing Hearts.
Books for this week.
The boys really like Fountain of Life.
I really like how are the books come together. It gives the children a different view of that time period.

Annette, continues to use Write with WORLD. This was a TOS Homeschool Review item. The review time period is over but Annette, liked it. We decided to continue to use it for the remaining school year and through the summer.
 Today's assinment was fun because we both had to answer questions about ourselves and read them to each other.
 One question asked if we are shy or outgoing. Here is what Annette wrote: I am shy. It's hard for me to make friends. I can keep a conversation going if I kind of thought of some questions beforehand.
Here is mine, I am very shy but prefer the word conservative ;) An example of this, when at church I don't go around greeting others (like I know I should). I'm sure this is conceived as rude to some.

Below are some pictures from Annette's science notebook. I don't know why my camera is goofing up like this. For some reason it randomling chooses when to blur and when not too.

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