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Day 169

I stayed up late last night putting some finishing touches on my CapJaxMathFax review, so I didn't get to bed until past 2:00 a.m. It wouldn't have been so late but my hubby and I found out that my credit card has been compromised and by the time it was all said and done, it was 1:00 a.m.. This has never happened before, there's over $200.00 worth of charges. Right away, we called the bank and thankfully it will be taken care of. The bank actually but a hold on my account, so not all of the charges went through thank goodness.

This morning I woke tired, but was determined to get school done, then the phone rang =) it was my SIL in CA. I have been meaning to call her, because I have lots of ideas for her on my Pinterest board "Ideas for Hannah". She is very crafty. I love talking with her, she is such an encouraging mama. She too has six children. We talked for a few hours.

By the time I finished talking with my sweet SIL, it was noon. I put in a Marie Calendar's T.V. dinner. I know real healthy ;)

I was so proud of my children for staying on task. Josh and Annette, hit the books and finished school. I was surprised to find my Brent, studying as well (he's my guy, that I have to keep on top of).
 He was working on science. Oh, I'm so proud of my little guy for starting school without me.
Here is what was accomplished:
*Caleb and Brent, are finishing up a humorous story from WriteShop.
*Brent, completed a Teaching Textbook lesson and practiced his math facts via CapJaxMathFax.
*Caleb, completed a Mathematical Reasoning Level F lesson and did a few Math Whizz lessons too!
*Ethan, completed an enVisionMath lesson and Teaching Textbook lesson 99.
*Caleb and Brent, read Little Miriam and completed their science for today.
*Caleb and Brent, completed their reading log, from WriteShop.

Since I started school late, I didn't get to any of our Heart of Dakota lessons.

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