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Day 171

Today was Tassimo day!!! I just finished my Espresso. I stayed up late again finishing up another review. I really enjoy writing them and am so thankful to be part of the TOS Homeschool Crew team. I'll have to write a post soon about writing my reviews. There really is a process for me. From receiving the product to review, to brewing my cup of java before getting to work and how nervous I am to hit that 'Publish' button =)

This morning instead of starting with my Preparing boys (Caleb and Brent) I thought I'd start with Ethan, and get him while we are both awake and ready to hit the books . I started with one of my review items, enVisionMATH 4. Today, Ethan learned about rounding whole numbers. He completed lesson 4.
 Because the textbook is non consumable, I went and ordered a workbook for him from  PearsonHomeschool. I'll blog more about it in my up-coming review.

 Joshua, working hard. He is a model student, always has been. For the most part I don't have to be after him to do his school work.
The teacher was a little on the tired side today, so I read to Caleb and Brent from my bed. Oh the joy of homeschooling.
 The students love when we get to 'bed-school'. Hee, hee. I told them they had to pay attention though.
The boys are doing so well with their school. I'm so proud of them. Last week and this week, I haven't had to be a 'dripping faucet' with asking and telling them to do their copywork, or independent history/science.
As you may know I had the opportunity to review CapJaxMathFax, although I was having Brent help me with this review, Caleb, being the competitive young man that he is, wanted in on the action. Those Merit Buttons are a winner here at Homeschooling6! Caleb, earned his addition one rather quickly (because he knows them inside, upside and all sides out), subtraction was more of a challenge but he earned his Subtraction Merit Button today!!!
 I like the fact that CapJaxMathFax, has him excited because it helps him keep those math facts memorized.
While passing the living room, look what I saw. I grabbed my camera and snapped!
 I reviewed God's Great Covenant with Caleb and Brent, Annette ended up being the one to use it.
 Another picture I snapped while walking down the hall. I guess living in a teeny, tiny house isn't so bad, since I can capture so many moments on camera.
From my Facebook page this morning:
9:30 a.m.~I love my Ethan, but he makes teaching so difficult. Aaack, Lord please help me with this little guy =)
10:30 a.m.~Just as I suspected, High Pollen levels today. We've all been sneezing like crazy.

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