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Day 179

Joshua, completed a Teaching Textbook lessons and only missed three problems. I'm so excited!!! I'll have him continue with Teaching Textbook for a while then go back to Systematic Math.

Annette, usually does her school work in the living room but occasionally she's come to the kitchen.
 Brent, reading his Bible. Both Brent and Caleb, are doing so much better with using Heart of Dakota, Preparing Hearts.
 Now that they are no longer complaining about the work load, our days are so much smoother and they finish in a timely manner.
 They are really excited to be done my noon. I don't have to coax them anymore either (Praise God!). Most days they open of the Guide and start on their independent work.
 Just today, Brent, said he can do all his copywork in cursive now. This was a real struggle at first. He would whine and actually cry (shocking I know). He would ask if he could do half in cursive and half in print. I agreed and in his own time he is now completing the passages in cursive. I'm so excited!!!

There were times I thought we weren't going to make it with Heart of Dakota, but I had my children stick with it and am so glad. In fact Brent, is excited about using Creation to Christ. I have been encouraging both boys to really hunker down on their reading, because I REALLY need them to read more next year. I'm swamped with the two little ones and them and over seeing the two oldest. I let them know I NEED their help. I'm sending S.O.S signals (save our school).

Ethan and I have did some Beyond school and I did some Little Hearts school with Lance. Slow and stead wins the race as they say. We sure have been slow at times but with steady progress we will reach the finish line.

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  1. So glad to hear HOD is working out so well for your kiddos! :)


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