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I have had a Facebook account for a few years now. I'm not too active with it because I'm a blogger not a facebooker. I didn't see FB as something I would leave for my kiddos, like I would with blogging. Blogging is like my virtual diary and scrapbook. Memories I want for my children.

I also didn't care for FB because it seemed like it would be a duplication of my blog but without the personalization (I like my coffee theme). Yet another reason, I had heard rumors that FB was wanting to keep the rights to pictures posted there (not sure if that was true or not but it seemed to pop up every so often).

What I did like about FB was it kept me connected with my family and friends. In fact I found some of my church friends from my youth. My hubby was a youth pastor 8yrs. ago and I wanted to stay connected with my church kiddos (can't believe some are married and having babies now). Of course I missed my family in CA, so this was a way to keep up with them.

All that to say, recently I've become an active Facebook user!
{click on photo above to visit my FB}
My sister Cynthia at Cynce's Place helped me set up a page from my personal FB account. The reason why I decided to become an active FB user; I am now a TOS Homeschool Reviewer and I feel it is my responsability to make the products I review noticed by reaching as far and wide on the Internet as possible. After all if I had an item to be reviewed I'd hope that the reviewers would do the same and spread the word about my item.

Note: As a TOS Homeschool Review, one is not required to have a FB account.

What I have found out is, I like Facebook. I like that I can add links or a quick note on there. I still don't like that some of my 'memory' notes (things that I would like the children to remember) don't always make it to my blog. I am trying to change that though and also use FB as my virtual notepad. This way if I want to blog about a saying from one of the children, I can post-it (think yellow post-its) on my FB page, when I have time I can blog about it. At least if I did a quick FB post, I'll have the date of when it happened.
I also like having a FB page for "Homeschooling6" although because this is a 'page' made from my personal FB account, I find that I can't always leave comments on some of my homeschooling friends FB. My sister explained this to me but my memory needs refreshing. I would like to chat and let others know that I appreciated their visit to my Facebook page but I can't.


  1. So what's your Facebook address? I tried to just type in "homeschooling6" but got nothing. Would like to connect with you there. :^)

  2. Hi, Tina, https://www.facebook.com/Homeschooling6

    Clicking on the first photo/image should also take you to my FB page as well.



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