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Fold-N-Go Grammar from WriteShop Junior

This week Caleb and Brent are going over the different nouns via WriteShop. Using the Fold-N-Go Grammar lapbook. We are on the third lesson and use WriteShop about 3 to 4 days a week.
Yesterday we went over the left side and today the right. I find that it's too much for my boys to do in one sitting. What's covered in this lesson of the Fold-N-Go Grammar~Collective Nouns, Common & Proper Nouns, Plural Nouns with adding -s or -es, and Plural Irregular Nouns. You can click on the photo above to enlarge.

At the bottom of each page there is a kind of like a little mini worksheet. For example the child may fill in the blanks, circle the correct word or write common or proper nouns.

The activity sheets that are used for the lesson, I tuck them in the Fold-N-Go Grammar folder. I have the children pull them out as needed. This makes it so much easier for me and they are all in one place.

If you purchase the Activity Pack in print, and will use this with more than one child then I would highly recommend purchasing the eBook  Fold-N-Go Grammar as well for $11.95 (this is what I did). The original purchaser is allowed to make copies of the activity pages, this is for single family use only.
I'm the kind of person who likes to have the physical book in hand but am thankful for the ease of use with having an eBook as well. In the past I have purchase both for this purpose with other products.

An option would be to purchase the printed Teacher Guide and buy the Activity Pack in eBook format. (Both eBook and Printed edition include the Fold-N-Go Grammar).

Grammar is introduced in WriteShop Junior Level D but I would recommend a separate grammar program. In my opinion there's not enough grammar for my 4th and 5th graders. If I was using this with my 3rd grade child I may forgo a separate grammar program and only use WriteShop. It really is a personal choice.

One can expand on the grammar being taught in each lesson by talking about the newly introduced grammar concept. For instance if you do copywork and dictation, then you can carry over what was introduced in the Fold-N-Go and talk about it in the passage the child is to copy or write from dictation.

Edited to add that WrithShop Junior does encourage to point out and talk about punctuation marks and grammar when writing their stories.

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