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Happy 14th Birthday to My Joshua!!!

Joshua, is the kind of guy who likes his birthday celebrated on the actual day. No waiting for Saturday or Sunday with him. He would wait if he had to but I know how important it is to him, so we had a pre-birthday celebration.
 Before his birthday celebration, he had time with Grandpa Joe. He picked him up promptly at 11:00 a.m. and took him out to lunch at Panda Express and a little shopping spree. He didn't get back until 2:00 p.m. just in time for a nap, not that they sleep anymore.

Later, when dad came home from work, he too took Joshua out to another one of his favorite places to eat, KFC. Joshua ordered an $8.00 plate!!! Wow, my boy is growing.

Once they arrived home we had his birthday celebration. Auntie V. and her four kiddos came and Grandpa Joe. All the people that live on this rental property. Ha, ha.
 Singing the birthday song.
 This is what Grandpa bought him when he took Josh out that day.
 He received a very loud, noisy monkey from his Auntie.
 From mom and dad, a book that was on his Amazon Wishlist.
 A card from his cousins. He REALLY liked the card.
 All his treasures.
 The next day (which is today) Auntie took him shopping with her and let him pick out as much candy as he wanted to.
 Look, they are XL. Oh my, he's going to have to space these goodies apart. I heard him on the phone talking to his cousin in CA, he said, "I could finish them all in a week!" I don't think so young man!

Josh is so excited because this is just the beginning of his birthday celebration. When his grandparents come down from CA, we will have another birthday party. He will most likely have to share the spotlight though because there are a few more cousins who have birthdays in the summer as well, including his youngest brother Lance.

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