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Lance School 1st Grade

The first half of Lance's school year he didn't have history and science. In December I added Beyond Little Hearts for His Glor from Heart of Dakota. Although he was doing well with sitting in on all the reading, he wasn't doing any of the copywork. I decided in March to put him back a guide and use Little Hearts for His Glory. This will give him time to hone in on his fine motor skills before starting Bigger Hearts.

Here is what Lance used for his first grade year.

*Heart of Dakota, started with Beyond and later switched to Little Hearts for Bible, History, Science and Read Aloud.

*All About Reading Level 1
*A Reason for Writing Level A
*Math Lessons for a Living Education from Queen Homeschool Supplies.
*Bible via Little Hearts 101 Favorite Stories from the Bible, Devotions for the Children's Hour, Hide Him in Your Heart cd.
Read Aloud~Storytime

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