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Lupe, the love of my life, went a little wild when buying bread for us. He's so kind, on the way home he will stop at the grocery store. Tuesday he brought to loaves of French bread and yesterday he brought home two more loaves of French bread and a bag of rolls and some Cheese bread (which is quite tasty, I might add). Today, I cut the French bread up for the children to make sandwiches (Annette opted to make cheese pizza instead).

 I couldn't decide which photo I liked better of Caleb.

 Brent, enjoying his mega sandwich.
 My boys.
{still having problems with my camera thus the blurs and tint}

During lunch (after all had eaten), the children had fun playing the 'timer' game.
This is when the children set a time and run for shelter. If they don't make it to the shelter before the explosion then they are injured or dead. All my children play this game. From my almost 14 year old Josh, right down to my 7 year old Lance.
Talk about loud. You would think a herd of buffalo was running down my hall.

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