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My Brenty

 It's raining and thundering. As many of you know I like rainy days. Especially when I am in my cozy house. Actually I open the windows so I can hear the rain fall and the thunder roar. Well today, I got wet too! My Brenty made an army tent outside (with a real army blanket that he got for CHRISTmas).
I saw Brent struggling to mend part of his tent as the rain started to really come down (right before the above picture was taken). And my mother's heart couldn't just leave him there trying to tape a beach towel to his army blanket with packaging tape. Being the memory maker mom that I am ;) I went out there to help him. When I realized he was trying to tape his tent together I told him to run in the house and get some clips. He came back with really small ones, so I ran in trying to find bigger ones, I also grabbed a disposable tablecloth. Josh helped me put the tablecloth over his tent and clip it in place. I then ran back to the house to get an extra blanket for Brent. By the time I was done my cloths were soaked. I used an umbrella but it can only cover so much when one is trying to mend a tent.

Brent stayed in his tent for a few hours. When he came in (not too wet) he said, "Mom, now I  know how the soldiers felt during the Civil War" how cute, my little guy wanted to feel what those brave men went through.

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