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New Leaf Publishing Review:Awesome Science~Episode 1 and 2

I'm always on the hunt for good, educational DVDs that aren't too lengthy. As a reviewer for New Leaf Publishing Group, I was happy to receive two DVDs and the accompanying Study Guides from the Awesome Science Series: Explore the Grand Canyon and Explore Yellowstone.
Each Awesome Science DVD is $14.99 and the Study Guides are $3.99 each.
This science series is produced by a homeschooling family. 14 year old Noah Justice is your field guide as he takes you on a tour of the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone Park.

I was really interested in this series because these are two places that our family has visited. Two years ago we had the opportunity to visit Yellowstone Park. It made it all the more interesting to watch because we had been there.

Not all my children have visited the Grand Canyon (hopefully some day we can take a family vacation there) but it was still very interested learning about the canyons and how the Genesis flood had an impact with creating such a beautiful and an amazing place.

The children were not only fascinated to learn more about Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon, but also liked the fact that Awesome Science gave all the glory of these awe-inspiring places to our Creator. Noah Justice explains how the Grand Canyon was cut within days, during the Genesis flood. Not millions of years. And how the trees in Yellowstone couldn't have taken millions of years to become petrified.

These Dvds are very professionally done. My husband was impressed with both episodes. Not surprising considering Kyle Justice (Noah's father) has produced films that have appeared on National Geographic, ESPN, and Outdoor Channel. Noah does a great job of explaining what happened and his excitement doesn't come across as fake or phony. You can see for yourself in the clip below.

To go deeper with learning about the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone, you can purchase the Study Guides as well. They are also available for free in pdf format. You can see the one for the Grand Canyon HERE.

What did I think of Awesome Science? Both episodes gave a lot of information, so we will be watching them again and I hope to purchase a few more as they become available.

What did the children think? Well, my youngest son Lance, he's 7, was not interested in watching Noah, take us on a tour for very long. I think because of all the scientific talk, but the older children enjoyed them and have watched the DVDs twice.
Disclaimer: New Leaf publishing group provided me with a copy of this DVD and study guide in exchange for my honest review, all opinions are mine. No other compensation was provided.

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