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Park Day/Day 173

I decided that today would be a half day and took the children to the park. When we arrived there wasn't too many children, only four. About 20 minutes later, about three or four families arrived. Some of the children were school-age, so I think it was a homeschool group.

My children wanted to play British Bull Dog but needed more people. I told them to go ask some of the children that arrived. Josh did and they had a full hour or so of playing freeze tag and British Bull Dog.

Later, Brent, did say that one of the boys mentioned that he was homeschooled.

On the way home we passed our church (we walked to the park), Lance wanted to show me how he can go across the Monkey Bars.
 I thought he was going to swing across and surprised me when he crawled.
 Brent, walking.
 We were all hungry upon arriving home.
 Annette's lunch. Scooby Graham Cracker snacks (no high fructose corn syrup or dyes), blackberries and a slice of Saturday's left over pizza.
 Lance tired and hungry.
 Scooby Snacks, yogurt, string cheese and berries.

Lance, completed:
*A page from Pathway Phonics
Ethan completed:
*A Reason for Spelling (just arrived).
*Teaching Textbooks
*Read a page from Phonics Pathways.
*Beyond School
Brent & Caleb:
*Both did math
*Independent History via Preparing School
Annette and Josh, completed half their school subjects.

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