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Part of Day 178

Aaack! I was suppose to have wrote this post before midnight but my hubby was busy on the computer playing one of the children's favorite game, Poptropica.
I'm finding that my two middle boys, Caleb and Brent, aren't very adventurous when it comes to writing. Real life yes. Writing an adventure story, no.

Today's WriteShop Jr. assignment was to write an adventure story using words from the noun bank. Here is Brent's story.
Me and my brother Ethan, were exploring the Amazon jungle. When we found a secret passage. It led to a cave full of diamonds. We collected a lot of diamonds and went home.

I asked Brent, where's the excitement. What about, and the boa slithered from a tree, as I backed away, I became entangled in some vines....
Using enVisionMATH 4, today's lesson Ethan, practiced finding the missing number.

 We reviewed using the bar to find some of the missing numbers. We worked many of the problems on the whiteboard. The key with this lesson is getting the child to do mental math.

Ethan, is pretty good with mental math and didn't really need the bar sample, but I wanted him to learn it anyway, you never know when it will come in handy. Actually with some of the bigger problems using the bar method above helped.

We also watched "Tigers of the Snow", I was tired today, so sitting down with all the children (except Josh) was a good thing. Lupe, came home while we were watching it and this is when Josh introduced his dad to the game Poptropica.

I would have liked to write more about our homeschooling day, but I'm super-duper tired now. I took two naps today, why am I up so late?!?

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