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Random Pictures

Pictures from today.

My MIL sent the boys Army Nutcrackers. I thought they were so cute. Below is Ethan's. He set it up for a photo shoot all by himself (takes after his mama).
 Another favorite mug of mine. Josh bought this at a thrift store for a quarter.
 One of my monkeys. This one is Brent!

These pictures are from the month of April.

My Sweets brought me home a cookie from work.
 Caleb's big score from one of his favorite games Poptropica. His character is the little police guy.
 Lupe brought these home from work. They had a little bag of M&Ms in them.
 They are homemade baby shoes for a baby shower.
 The name of the baby is on the bottom with the date of the shower (or maybe this was an after-baby-is born shower)
 Lance having breakfast at his own little table.
 Annette, drew the pink ones and I'm not sure who drew the green bee.
 Brent relaxing. Ethan is the one who made this comfy spot.
 My pink magnets.

(my camera is acting up, so some of my pictures have a tint or slight blur)

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