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Reading Assessment

I am not real big on testing and test results, but I do think there is a place for them. Every-so-often I do have the children take some sort of assessments. As a homeschooling mom I pretty much know where my children are at, but I  do like having something concrete to refer to if needed.

I picked up Dr. Fry's Informal Reading Assessments for K-8.
Here are some of the results for "word Meaning Test". This was multiple choice test. They read the bolded word and had to circle the meaning of it. For instance the word 'burlap' they could choose from a.tunnel, b.medicine, c.soil, d.engine, e.fabric.
I thought all my children knew the what burlap meant but two of my children didn't. The test gives approximate grade levels from 3.5-8.5. Once the child is done with the test, you add up how many were correct. Once the child misses three you don't count beyond that.
*Josh, scored 100%
Again this gives me an idea where they are at.

Oral Reading Test, this is where the child read a paragraph. Each paragraph is labeled 1-A for easy 1st grade, 1-B for hard 1st grade, 2-A for easy 2nd grade, 2-B for hard 2nd grade, 3A-3B for easy and hard. For 4th grade through 7th there is only one paragraph. The child is to read the paragraphs and the parent is to underline the missed words. The purpose is to find where the child is at with independent reading, meaning he can read at average pace with little mistakes. And where the child needs instructional reading. This is where the child struggles and gives the parent/teacher an idea of what grade level the child is reading at and go from there with reading instructions.

If the student can read the 7th paragraph without errors he can do most junior and senior high school reading satisfactory. Of course here at Homeschooling6 my goal is to have my children reading beyond satisfactory level.
*Joshua~read level 7 with ease.
*Annette~read level 7 with ease.
*Caleb~Independent Reading Level-grade 5. Instructional Reading Level-grade 6.
*Brent~Independent Reading level-grade 4. Instructional Reading Level-grade 5.
*Ethan~Independent Reading Level-2B~hard 2nd grade. Instructional Reading level 3A~easy 3rd grade.
*Lance~Independent Reading Level-1A~easy 1st grade. Instructional Reading Level-1B~hard 1st grade.

By having my children take the Oral Reading Test, I know that Joshua and Annette can read enough to get through high school. Caleb and Brent, read at grade level. Caleb is reading at a 5th grade level which is the grade he is in currently. Same with Brent.
Ethan, needs more practice. This I knew but I like that the test gave me a specific grade level. I do know that Ethan, needs to work more with vowel teams, which we will work on through the summer and next school year.  Hopefully when he takes the assessment again he will have improved.
Lance, I knew he was below grade level because he hasn't focused too much on long vowels this year. So he couldn't read words like warm (which has a controlled 'r' sound) and 'now' (which has a vowel team). Like with Ethan, I'll continue through the summer and get him past the short vowels and move to long vowels.
There are many more assessments in this book like, phonics pattern test, phoneme segmenting test, instant word test, etc. I may use a few more this week but the main assessments I was interested in was Vocabulary and Reading.

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