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Relaxing Day

It's been a nice relaxing day. I slept in till about 8:30. The night before I stayed up late organizing my blog.

By the time I woke the whole household was bustling already. My hubby was on his way out to pick up a vintage table he found at a garage sale the other day. I'll have to share a picture later. I'm the one who encouraged him to go ahead and get. It cost $150.00 and was well worth it.

We were able to fit it in our bedroom, now Lupe, has a little space to himself. Happy Father's Day my Love!!!

Most the morning was cleaning out a space for the table, that Lupe turned into a desk. Later my Sweets and I went to the grocery store for some bread, lunch meat, fried chicken, chicken salad, potato salad and cereal. Oh and Lupe wanted to get some Popsicles for the children. I couldn't find any that did not contain red dye #40 and/or high fructose corn syrup, so we settled for some fudge bars instead. The fudge bars did have corn syrup though. By the time we left Albertsons we had spent $84.84. Wow! We were suppose only have picked-up lunch, hee, hee. Oh well, we did get a few extra things that were on sale.

After lunch, Lupe took a five minute nap, then he had to get ready to go to Dallas. He took Josh and Annette. The other children and I stayed home and watched Thunderbeast. Fascinating animals!
We have watched this episode before about a year ago or so, but I never tire of the Bison. They are just amazing creatures/beast! I must warn you all, there is a mating scene.

After watching Thunderbeast via Netflix, the children are now napping. It's so quiet. Once they wake, we'll have an early dinner of sandwiches. It's too hot to use the stove.

Just for fun, here are some prices for the food we bought today:
*Simply Lemonade~$2.01 (on sale)
*Frosted Shredded Wheat (no high fructose corn syrup or dyes)~$2.50
*GM Honey Nut Cheerios~$1.41 (on sale)
*Fudgesicle Ice Cream~$3.10 (on sale)
*Frito Chips~1.99, I use these with our Taco Soup, so I stocked up, usually Fritos are $3.29 to $4.19.
*Roast Beef cut fresh on sale for $7.41lb

Editing to add that once my Sweets came home, he took us to Yogurtland. I had a gift card that my SIL gave me for mother's day and she also included a 20% off coupon. The total for all our yogurts came to $28.00 but thankfully we paid less than $20.00. We have never been to Yogurtland. It was the 'happening' place.

Once done with our yogurts we headed to Target. Brent, needs a new pair of church shoes. Poor guy has been so patient. His current church shoes squish his toes. As soon as church is out he takes them off.
We got a few more groceries for the week, Annette and Ethan, needed some pants, so we purchased a few for Annette and one for Ethan. The children got some new socks, much needed =) so our total at Target was $180.00. Yikes. Guess it's going to be beans and rice this week :p just kidding, well almost, have enough ingredients to make a few yummy meals before the plain ones are served ;o)

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