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Simple, Everyday, Wacky, Things We Do

I take pictures of so many precious moments, well to me they are. Even when it's pictures of my big feet.
 The precious moment was of the children actually, not my feet. Brent, using my feet to practice boxing.
 It was hot outside. I had turned the compost and that my friends is not an easy job. After the compost, Josh asked if I would like to throw some knives, so wanting to make some memories with my eldest son, I said, "Sure", I almost hit a bullz-eye (not sure how to spell that word). I then came in and plopped on the couch, thus the reason my BIG feet are sticking up and my boys using them as a boxing target.
 See that cute face of Caleb? It's is embarrassed smile. He didn't realize I wanted to take pictures. He even walked away, but I said, "Caleb, this is a memory that will be forgotten within the week (at least my memory will forget so soon), I want to capture the goofy, fun things we do", so I was able to get a shot of his 'real' smile below.

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