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Summer School Plans

{Updated to add some Schoolhouse Review items. Summer Session begins 6/19/12}
With only two weeks left, I thought I'd better get going with Summer School plans. Here is a line-up of things I would like to happen and some that will happen. It's always more fun to start with the little ones because their school is more colorful and fun.

For Lance:
*Continue with Little Hearts, mostly for Bible and history
*Mathematical Reasoning Level B and Professor B Math Level 1
*Language Smarts Level B
*Phonics Pathway
I would have him continue with Mathematical Reasoning and Language Smarts next school year as well. I might forgo Horizons Phonics for Phonics Pathways but am not sure.

*Continue with Beyond Little Hearts. I would like him to finish this by Sept. 2012. I will most likely only complete the poetry, history and Bible portions.
*Mathematical Reasoning D, he should be done with Teaching Textbook 3 soon. My thought is to have him use Mathematical Reasoning D through the summer and as a supplement for the upcoming school year.
*Professor B Math Level 2
*Phonics Pathways, read a page a day.
*WriteShop B
*A Reason for Spelling B
Most of the above will continue through the school year (2012/2013)

*Continue with Preparing Hearts
*Mathematical Reasoning Level E
*WriteShop D
*If possible start A Reason for Spelling C. I may have to wait on this because of funds, but when Brent does start this spelling program he will continue through the next school year with it.

*Continue with Preparing Hearts.
*Mathematical Reasoning Level F, I really like this series from The Critical Thinking Co. I'm so thankful I was able to review it.
*WriteShop D
*Like with Brent, if I can purchase A Reason for Spelling C soon, I'll start him with it also.

*Continue with Analytical Grammar
*Professor B Math Level 3
*Ligthning Literature 7,
I'm not sure what else to add for her, she has pretty much completed all of her subjects this year. I edited to add Ligthning Literature. I'm excited to be a reviewer for it and can't wait to dive in with Annette.

*Bob Jones Literature
*Bob Jones History
*Math Essentials~Mastering Essential Math Skills Book 2
*Christian Keyboarding

I still need to purchase  A Reason for Spelling. Hopefully I can order within the next two weeks. Everything else has been ordered and will be here soon.

{Joshua, Annette, Caleb and Brent, will use Create Better Writers. For Caleb and Brent this will replace our beloved WriteShop Jr. ;) We won't be able to start this until June 26th though}

Through the summer months of June, July and August, the children will take two weeks off each month. For instance in June, they will take the first two weeks off. Within these weeks, the only school will be me reading aloud to them via, Beyond, Little Hearts and Preparing school. The children won't have to complete any assignments from their Heart of Dakota programs.

Schoolhouse Review items will continue at least 3 days a week on the 'off' weeks of summer school.

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