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Thinking About 2012/2013 Homeschool Year

I have had my Heart of Dakota catalog for a few weeks but can you believe I haven't really looked at it. Wow, so unlike me.
 Tonight while the children were playing with their cousins I decided to look and pray. I know that Caleb and Brent will use Creation to Christ, and pray that they will enjoy the program like the young boy in the comment below.
 As I look at the sample schedule and wonder how my two boys will do, I pray that they can handle the workload. And will do so cheerfully. I do think they will like  the program but worry about the independent stuff. I'm probably over analyzing it.

Like every year before the new school year starts (I know it's way too early considering we still have one week left of this year) I wonder how am I going to fit everything in. I was looking at the schedule for the different programs, Little Hearts, Bigger, Creation to Christ and Resurrection to Reformation.  I was praying that the Lord will give me wisdom to teach the many subjects and the diligence to stay on track.

More praying with where to start Annette. After looking at the placement chart she can pretty much use Resurrection to Reformation or Revival to Revolution. Both look really good.
When I  first decided to use Heart of Dakot with Annette back in January of 2012 she placed in Resurrection to Reformation but now it looks like she can handle Revival to Revolution as well.

Medieval History Based Writing is used in Res. to Ref. I would like Annette, to use it, so I'm leaning toward starting her there but I do like the Bible in Rev. to Rev. aaack, decisions. I may just stay with what I had planned.

A reason why I would like her to use Revival to Revolution though, is she would be right on track to use HOD for high school. I know there are extensions but I don't want to go that route.
  • 7th grade use Rev. to Rev.
  • 8th grade use Missions to Modern Marvels
  • 9th grade use the next HOD Guide (which is yet to be written).
If I start with Res. to Ref. it would look like this:
Anyway, that's where I'm at right now =)


  1. I vote for the first one. But I know that God will lead you in which way you are to go. I'm looking forward to a summer with less planning than ever before. Looking through what we're using next year - Little Hearts, Bigger, Res to Ref and Rev to Rev - I'm getting excited!

  2. Hi, Jennifer, have you ourdered anything yet? I'm super excited too. I love having everything planned for me. How fun, we'll be using some of the same progams. Wahoo!!!


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