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TOS Review: CapJaxMathFax

I'm always looking for ways to get those memory facts memorized. When CapJaxMathFax came up on the TOS Crew list and many Crew Members were excited about this opportunity, I jumped at the chance to review it.

CapJaxMathFax is an easy and fun way for children to memorize and gain fluency with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts. For $29.95 you get an annual downloadable license or have a cd shipped to you for $29.95 plus shipping. This can be used with any math program, once the child understands the concept and needs to gain fluency.

Some neat features about this program:
*Practice~you would use this option to let the child practice his/her math facts before actually keeping score.
*Playing for Rating~once your child has practiced and is ready to play for rating~CapJaxMathFax will keep a record of his rating/score.
*Super Seconds~once a fact is known and can be done in 3 seconds or less, that's when it is a Super Second because it's considered a 'Super' answer. The seconds can be adjusted if you child needs the time extended or reduced.
*Printed Reports~you can print a Summary, a Detailed Report or a Graph of your child's progress.
*Immediate feedback~this is great because the child sees his results as soon as he clicks 'enter' and when he finishes a set of problems.
How CapJaxMathFax works, once you have installed the program your children can start playing immediately. The photo below shows what your child will see once he is ready. Please click on any of the screenshots to enlarge.
 Once the child hits the yellow 'Go For It' button the next screen is the sign up page. Brent, is 'Red Dragon'.
 Brent answered 10x7 in 3 second or less. When a child does this a big "SUPER" is displayed. If they answer incorrect they are given two more attempts.
The screenshot below on the left, is Brent's progress. There is a 'Progress Graph' button at the bottom of the screen. You can hit that button to see and print a graph of your child's progress.
 At the end of each problem set, the below screen will pop-up to show the child's improvement. My son's log-in name is 'red dragon', so that's why it says, 'red!!!". I thought I'd mention that because I was confused for the longest time. I was thinking, "Did he move to level red?". So, if your child puts his real name, that's what will show up =)
 Below is a detailed report for that day. I can see how many seconds it took him to answer the problem, how many 'Super Seconds' and I can print this as well.

Having CapJaxMathFax, take the place of flashcards frees me up, so I can use the 10-15 minutes of 'flashcard' time teaching another subject. It also frees the child from waiting for mom. My children just want to get school done. Things they can do on their own is a real plus around here.

What did I think about this program? If CapJaxMathFax can help my child memorize his math facts in a positive and efficient way, than it's a good thing! I also like that this program doesn't make the child feel like they are racing against a clock. Yes they have to think fast and input their numbers, but there's no countdown clock with seconds racing by.

What did Brent think about it? Brent, is very competitive, so right away, he was excited to start and loved trying to beat his previous rating. After a while that excitement dwindled and he lost interest.

Knowing that my son Brent needed some motivation, I  headed to CapJaxMathFax website and ordered  the Merit Buttons for $4.00 this included shipping. That's all it took to get my little guy excited again. He has already earned the red button by earning a 1000 rating.

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**Disclaimer: As a member of the TOS Crew, I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are mine.

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  1. I love the hat! I am going to order the badges now that I've seen them used...I think my kids will like them on their book bags.




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