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TOS Review: Judah Bible Curriculum

As a parent, I want to instill Godly character in my children. I want them to know the Bible, to strive to be more like Jesus. I was not taught how to study, dig deeper and flesh out scripture passages. These are things I want my children to learn. 

As a TOS Crew Review I am thankful for the chance to review Judah Bible Curriculum. With this program the Bible is the textbook. The child (and parent) studies the Bible and instead of using a workbook or some outside source, the child is building a notebook.

With the Judah Bible Curriculum your child will use many resources to expand their study of the Bible, such as a Bible dictionary, Commentary, Strong's Concordance and Manners and Customs of the Bible to name a few. You can also add maps, timelines, and for the younger students, coloring pages.

The Judah Bible Curriculum consist of a K-12 Manual, Elementary Notebook Ideas Booklet, and Eight~lecture Teacher Training Seminar. The Download Pack cost $44.00 or you may purchase the Hard Copy Pack for $74.00 (this includes shipping).

I received the E-book version with the download-able seminar. Once you set up your account there is a 'Teacher Walkthrough' page where you can print the first four lessons. This was a tremendous help with guiding and giving me ideas on how to utilize the Judah Curriculum. All the Key Sheets can be printed a well.

When I downloaded everything at first I was overwhelmed and felt lost. I'm the type of person that needs a schedule to follow. I like programs that tell me exactly what to do so I was intimidated by this program but the more I read the Manual, utilized the samples and printed everything out the less 'scary' it became. I also kept in mind that we do not need to do EVERYTHING the first year. It's meant to be taught yearly.

The Judah Bible Curriculum is divided into themes and years (grades).

The five themes are:
  • Theme 1~Creation
  • Theme 2~The Plan of Redemption Begins
  • Theme 3~Kingdom of Israel
  • Theme 4~Kingdom of God
  • Theme 5~Early Church
Every year the five themes are studied but with different Memory Work, Bible verses and Focus. Each theme is divided into weeks or 'weekly themes', and can take anywhere from 5 to 8 weeks to complete. Please check the Scope and Sequence to get a better understanding of the themes being taught.

In the Manual there are examples of the Key Sheets, these help the student to analyze passages and expand their studies. There are four Key Sheets to be used:
  • Key Institutions~Doctrinal Base, Character of the People, Government
  • Key Events~Causes and Purposes, Key Individuals, Principles of Self Government, Historical Significance.
  • Key Individuals~God's Preparation of Individual, Godly Influence of Individual, Godly Character, Contribution in God's Purpose.
  • Key Documents~Proclamations, Sermons, Essay, Ideas.
Not all Key Sheets have to be used every week. Some weeks you may use one and another week two or three. With younger children you may want them to copy a passage or draw a picture. The program is very flexible.

Here is how I used this program with my 8th grade son Josh. I'll break up into days. We would start everyday with prayer.
Monday~Josh or I would read the selected scripture passage. Go over the memory verse and discuss what we read.
Tuesday~We would read the scripture passage again from a different version of the Bible and use one of the Key Sheets.
Wednesday~I had Josh, write things he learned about himself, God, and man. What popped out to him. I would have him make a kind of outline.
Thursday~I had Joshua, write a summary from his outline.

This is an example from one week. Another week you may want your child to learn about a certain custom or look up the meaning of certain words.

I used this with one child but you can use this with all your children. Your 5 year old may color a coloring page or draw a picture, an 8 year old could draw a picture and copy the memory verse under it or your child can create a lapbook through the week. A reluctant write can dictate what he learned to you.

A quote from the website.
"The Judah Bible Curriculum is a Principle Approach Bible study program. The doctrinal emphasis is left to the teacher. The Judah Bible Curriculum contains teacher training materials to help the teacher, but then the teacher uses his own doctrinal grid to teach his students, and the students study the details from the Scriptures.

The Judah Bible Curriculum is based on the Biblical philosophy of government: that God is sovereign and that He rules the individual internally by love. "The love of Christ controls us." II Cor. 5:14. The content and methods are thus intended to help you produce in your students' lives character that recognizes God's sovereignty and is sensitive to His rule personally in every area of life. This is Christian Self-government. This character is self-governed under God (Godly), self-educating (intelligent), productive (responsible), able to reason based on Biblical understanding (truly literate), recognizing servanthood as the basis of true authority (leadership). "

What do I think of Judah Bible Curriculum? It gets a thumbs up from Homeschooling6 Mom, I appreciate the company for putting something like this together, teaching children (and parents) to be literate in the Bible. What I would have liked to have seen more of is a schedule. I know this program was not set up to be used that way but it's something I need. Just something to hold my hand and guide me through the first year.

What did Joshua think? Well, here is what he said, "Mom, after your review can we continue on and on and on with this?", he loves digging deeper into God's Word. One Sunday our pastor was talking about how we, under God need to govern ourselves, he used a different word(s) but Joshua made the connection and commented about it later saying, something to the affect that what Pastor said, is what he has been learning in his Bible program, so I thought that was neat.

To read more reviews about the Judah Bible Curriculum please click HERE.

Happy reading,

**Disclaimer: As a member of the TOS Crew, I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are mine.

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