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Week 33

Week 33. May 7-9, 2012

With Caleb, Brent, Ethan and Lance, I am still using Heart of Dakota with them. This week though, I'm not going to go into great detail. I'll post pictures and write as much as I can remember.

I didn't take any pictures of Josh and Annette doing school.
I did get a picture of Annette's books. They were on my bed and I thought it would be a good picture. Annette goes through spurts of where she likes to do school. This week it was my bedroom. Probably because it's the only place where little ones are not allowed (most of the time). Because the kids burrow under my bed and make a mess or jump on my bed and make a mess, they are banned from the room.

Look what came this week! A TOS Crew item. Ethan is my helper with this review. enVisionMath. When I told him he might be doing two math programs for four to five weeks he said, "That's okay mom, I want to help you with this", as he was saying this he had an arm around my neck. Too precious.
 My camera is still acting up, so the pages are much brighter. He completed lesson one yesterday and went over expanded form.
 I used some of my Bob Jones manipulatives so he can manipulate the numbers by touching and moving them around.
 Ethan, also copied sentences from various Dr. Seuss books. One of his favorites, "Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You?". He also completed three Teaching Textbook math lessons. He will take Quiz 14 today and start lesson 99 on Monday. He finished another Unit from Beyond School.

With Lance and Little Hearts school, well, I didn't get to Little Hearts this week. I really meant to but it didn't happen. He did practice writing some letters, did three math lessons with Annette and used Timez Attack for +, -, x. He read from Phonics Pathways and All About Reading.

Caleb and Brent finished Unit 19 of Preparing. They love the read alouds and are always asking for me to read more. As hard as it is, I tell them they have to wait.
 Brent, during our Bible time.
 A couple of our Preparing days took longer than usual. Not sure why but it did.
This week the children made a clock and we wrote what happened hourly to Jesus the day he was crucified. This Unit was about Jesus' death and Resurrection.

Brent reading. He has been very diligent with his reading log via WriteShop.
This weeks WriteShop assignment was for the boys to write a humorous story. I was hoping to finish it today and take a picture for this Week in Review post, but with the rain and all, it didn't get done today. Hopefully Monday.

Caleb, writing down his answers to some questions via Preparing Hearts. For the past couple of weeks the boys have been learning about the Heavens.
 This weeks history project, making perfume with spices. This is suppose to sit for 10 or so days. Next week we'll see if is smells good. I put cloves in rubbing alcohol.

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