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Week 34/Day 173

Week 34. May 14th-18th, 2012. Day 173.

I don't know why my school days are not matching the weeks. Maybe it's because when we take a day off  I don't count it as a school day. According to my 180 days calculations Homeschooling6 School should be out next week, but according to my week calculations there is still two weeks left.

Every year I strive for a 36 week, 180 days of school. During this period we hit the books, meaning we do (or at least try) schoolwork five days a week and all subjects. Once our 36weeks are up, which is usually the middle of June, we take a few weeks off because this mama needs a break by then.
Once we have had a few weeks off, we will start up again but with a much lighter load. For instance grammar may be done 1 or 2 times a week, instead of 4. The only subject we try to do daily is math.
I guess, I should get back to my Week in Review. I would actually love to be writing about what we will use next school year............
Annette, has been working hard to get her school done by our 36 week mark. She has done a fantastic job of staying on schedule.
Here is what she accomplished and where is at for this week.
* Soaring with Spelling completed lesson 33
*Write with WORLD she completed Unit 3 Lesson 4 and did Day 1 today.
*Math-U-See, she did test 28.
*Analytical Grammar Unit 21 and did the test today.
*America the Beautiful, she is on page 137, I'll have to check what lesson that is. Yesterday, was an interesting lesson about Mr. Rogers.
*A Nature Walk with Aunt Bessie, she completed lesson 35.
*Latin, lesson 18~I think it's great how she and Josh have stuck with this. They aren't fluent yet =)
*Art, lesson 18. She hasn't kept up with this but does a lesson now-and-then.
*Bible, now that she finished AWANA she is using God's Great Covenant New Testament.

Joshua, has kept up for the most part. Bob Jones is a HEAVY program and from the start I knew he wouldn't be able to do every, single, lesson and I don't mean that in a negative way. I didn't want to stress Josh or myself out. He has done very well, and we like to call this our 'practice' run with Bob Jones, that's what Josh dubbed it anyway. Now he'll know what to expect for his 9th grade year.
 Josh is very organised, as you can see from his desk. Lupe found the desk at a yard sale on his way to work a few weeks ago for $20.00. Josh was really excited to have a desk with drawers that lock. Everything has it's place, pencils, erasers, paper etc.
Joshua, continues to use the Judah Bible Curriculum. Now that my review time has ended, Josh is doing most of it on his own, I know that's not how the author intended it to be used, but Josh, is still getting a lot of meat out of it. He was studying Genesis chapter 12 this week. He continues with the same schedule that I wrote in my review.
Caleb and Brent, finished Unit 20. This weeks focus was "The Spread of the Gospel". We have 15 weeks to go with Preparing. I am hoping to have a lighter summer workload but I also want us to finish Preparing by September, so I'm not sure how that's going to pan out.
For science the children have been learning about the constellations. Brent has really been interested in the night sky because of his studies.

 The children have been copying verses related to the heavens and drawing the constellations.

 This week they also made the Christian symbol that the followers of Jesus, used to identify Christians.
They kind of fell apart, so we didn't get to finish the History Project. The kids were suppose to write a verse on a piece of paper, cut it out and glue it to the middle of the symbol.

Brent, loves to do timed drills and actually asks for them. Below is one that I printed from enVisionMATH 4 cd-rom.
Below, is Brent's rating from CapJaxMathFax. He has completed addition, subtraction and multiplication. Both boys are working on division.
Caleb, is Ninja!!!
Caleb and Brent, also completed:
*One lesson from Shurley English, hee, hee. They are almost done with this, but it was put on the back-burner for a while.
*Reading Logs, I love the boys having a reading log, this has kept them consistent and they need the practice. The reading logs are from WriteShop, they read a certain amount of pages, log it in and write a sentence or two about the chapter.
*Teaching Textbook 5, Brent, is on lesson 102.
*Math-U-See, Caleb is on lesson 22. He will continue with Math-U-See for two more weeks, then use Mathematical Reasoning Level F from the Critical Thinking Co.
With Preparing Hearts, they also completed, Bible, history, science, poetry, vocabulary, geography and storytime.

Ethan has been making steady progress with reading, writing and math. Below is a page from Phonics Pathways. Once he reads the page I have him copy either ten words or two sentences, depending on the page. Some have only words and others have sentences too.
 Yesterday, Ethan learned about decimals using money.

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