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Week 35/Day 177

Week 35. May 21-25, 2012. Day 177.
One more week of homeschool to go, I can't believe our school year is almost over. The children and I are REALLY looking forward to a few weeks off of doing nothing!!! Well, almost nothing. I will have them continue with any TOS Homeschool Review items.

This week I'm going to focus more on Ethan. I made it an Ethan week and really tried to focus on his schoolwork.

With his Beyond School, I only finished Day 1 and Day 2 (blushing). I was concentrating on math, writing and spelling this week, so history and science kind of didn't happen.

Monday, A Reason for Spelling B arrived. Yay, so of course I opened it right up and had Ethan, do Day 1. He first took a pretest and missed two words and 1 'star' word. The star words are a bit more difficult.
 After he took the pretest, I had him do his first worksheet.
Day 2, I made a 'flip folder'. Ethan opens the first flap to look at the the word he will spell first. He then closes it, opens the second flap and spells the word. Once done spelling the word he checks it with opening the first flap again. If he spelled it correctly he then moves to the next word. If he misspells it, he than tries again using the third flap.
Day 3 he was suppose to put the words in alphabetical order but he misunderstood and copied them instead.
 Day 4, I dictated a sentence to him and he had to fill in the words that were missing on his worksheet.
Day 5 he took a test and completed another worksheet.
Below is his Spelling Progress Chart. Monday after his Pre-test, I colored in how many words and 'star' words he spelled correctly. Then Friday, Ethan, filled in the boxes.
 Below Ethan is copying his creative writing story from the previous day. He dictated the story to me.
 Ethan and I have been working on our review math program (enVisionMATH 4) diligently. It's been a bit of a challenge fitting in another math program. As you know Ethan uses Teaching Textbook and basically has his own tutor via the cd-rom. This has been a huge help for me. So adding in a math program that requires me to teach (which I don't mind of course) has added to my day.  It's a good thing though.
The lesson above 'Make and Organized List' we didn't care for too much. Here is an example of how he was to make an 'organized list'. It costs Linda 50 cents admission to the movies. How many different ways can Linda pay admission using only quarters, dimes and nickels? Another example, Annette, is making a necklace. She has 1 yellow, 1 green and 1 pink bead. How many possible ways can Annette arrange the beads? He then was suppose to make a chart of the beads and or money to keep it all organized. I did go over the lesson with him but we didn't do all the problems.

I liked today's lesson, Using Mental Math to Add and Subtract. I loved the whole 'breaking apart' concept to add or sub. mentally. I would have preferred this lesson to be taught in two parts. For instance one lesson focusing only on 'breaking apart' addition, and another with subtraction.
WriteShop B arrived this week as well and like with All About Spelling we dove right in. I skipped the first lesson on letter writing and started Ethan, with lesson 2 'Standard Spelling'. Lesson 2:1 we went over the front side of the first activity page, 'Outer Space Spelling'. Because Ethan, did a good amount of writing from other lessons, I didn't require he write the space words three times. Instead I read them to him and we talked about them.
 Lesson 2:2 we did 'Guided Writing Practice'. I sat next to him and prompted him with questions to give him an idea of what to write about and guided him through the whole assignment. I had him dictate his sentences to me, so he could concentrate on the story. I then had him copy it. This 'Guided Writing' assignment was about something Ethan did the previous day. He wrote about celebrating Joshua's birthday.

Lesson 2:3 we did another 'Guided Writing Practice' this time he wrote about his grandparents and cousins coming to visit us in July. Again, I sat next to him and prompted him by asking questions and having him answer in complete sentences.

Today we continued with Lesson 2:3. We made a graphic organizer about Ethan, going to outer space. First he decided where he wanted to go. We looked at planets, starts and galaxies.
 Once he decided on visiting the planet Neptune, we wrote that on the big star and put it in the middle of the file folder (right side). I then cut out lots of small yellow start as instructed in the Teacher Guide (although they were suppose to me used for spelling words, I kind of tweaked it a bit). We brainstormed some ideas and I wrote them on the yellow stars.
This wasn't an easy assignment for Ethan. Brainstorming was hard for both of us. I guess we are not very creative. Thankfully we finally  put some ideas down and next week we will start with Lesson 2:4, writing about his trip to outer space.
Ethan also completed five days of Phonics Pathways. Sometimes he stays on the same page for a few days until he can read the words fluently.

Below Brent is working hard. Not too sure with what but it's from his Preparing School.
 Caleb, continues to use Mathematical Reasoning. I'll have to write more later about this. I ordered Mathematical Reasoning for Lance, Ethan and Brent as well.
 I was so proud of my Girl! She not only copied her verse once but twice. In print and cursive!  Way to go Annette!!!
 This was from A Nature Walk with Aunt Bessie.
Joshua, turned 14 this week and took it light on Wednesday. This week he completed Systematic Math 6.2. I don't have 6.3 yet, so he's using Teaching Textbook 6 again. He already completed 2 lessons.

Quiet Time is about over so I'll have stop writing now. Whew, it took me an hour and a half to write today's blog post. When writing I gather some of the work that the children did and the teacher guides because I forget. I then load all the pictures to my computer that I took that day. I crop photos if needed and size them. Then I start writing and inserting pictures. I enjoy blogging but it does take time. Okay, I 'm really signing off now =) Have a good weekend.

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