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Week 2 Day 8 of Summer School

I'm thankful that today was not super hot, it's about 96* today, although I do miss that California weather in Ventura County. It's hard to believe that I use to think 76* was hot.

The children ventured outside today which was a nice change for them. With the 100*+ weather we've been having, the children have been cooped up.

Joshua, worked on his fort he is building. He has been digging a few trenches in the back yard. His cousins will be here in a few weeks and he plans to have some air-soft wars.

Lance, Little J and Princess J, had a picnic outside. I packed some sack lunches, they were pretty excited. Princess J and Lance, playing with her DS.
All Lance did today was Professor B Math. He is now practicing, 10-2=8, 8-2=6, 6-2=4 and so forth. I'll have him do a page of Language Smarts later. Yesterday he did some of his school work in the evening as well.
Ethan will complete a Professor B Math lesson tonight. I am having him and Middle J (I'm so creative with names) work through a workbook that was sent home with my nephew to keep his 3rd grade skills sharp. Both Middle J and Ethan, completed 3rd grade this year and will start 4th grade in the fall.
 This was today's assignmet. I had them alternate with reading the sentences and answering the questions. I like to do this with them to make sure they read all the sentences correctly.
Both boys read almost all the words, there were a few that I helped them with but I was really pleased. It's exciting when they pick-up that reading. We also worked with the vowel combination 'ea'. I had the boys read words from Phonics Pathway and write at least ten of them down. No Beyond School today.

The four oldest students did another lesson from Create Better Writers~How to Teach the Paragraph.
 I went over the five parts that make a good paragraph. I had them copy the five parts and they are to commit them to memory as well.
Caleb completed another Math-U-See lesson and Brent completed two pages of his Mathematical Reasoning book.

Annette, finished here Math-U-See Epsilon book, yay! Today she also went to her sewing class. She is making me a blanket.

Joshua completed, Math Essentials, Bob Jones Spanish and Christian Keyboarding.

Joshua, Caleb, Brent and Ethan also did about 15 minutes of HearBuilder.

Brent, Ethan and Middle J, practiced their multiplication using Timez Attack.

Week Two Day 7 of Summer School

{My desk in the morning. As I teach and finish, I put the books away}
I haven't been taking too many pictures of our summer school days. This morning I started with reading Who is My Neighbor. All nine children sat around the table, coloring or drawing while I read. It was a bit of a longer read today, but the little ones did well.

This is our second day using Creat Better Writers~How to Teach the Paragraph. Yesterday and today I had Joshua, Annette, Caleb and Brent write a paragraph. They could choose any topic. This will give me an idea of what they do and do not know about writing a paragraph. Tomorrow, I'll start Step 2. with them~Learning the Five Parts, which will teach them the five parts of a good paragraph.

I then sat with my nephew and Ethan, they completed a grammar page, I read from American Pioneers and Patriots, they copied a sentence, did a comprehension page and later we went over the long sound of 'e' and the double 'ee'. They also copied  ten words from Phonics Pathway.

With Caleb and Brent, I read from our history reader, read aloud, and later today after dinner they wilil complete a MapTrek map.

Also later I need to get math in with Ethan and Lance.

I did pre-school with Little J. We are still working on the letter 'A'. I'm not expecting him to know the sounds but just introduce him to the letters. Below he is circling all the A's.
 He sorted the animals and put them in the correct habitat.
 Princess J, and Annette wanted to join in.

Week 2 of Summer School

My wheels are slowing down. Last week I kept all the plates spinning. This time I have to force myself to put one subject in front of the other.

Math with Ethan went well today. He's still in the times 2. I thought since he can skip count by twos, he would have flown through the lessons, but it hasn't happened. I'm finding that the different ways Professor B Math presents the counting by twos, is not just rote memory. The child has to think and really know, and I have noticed that the lessons are also preparing Ethan for division with the questions being asked during the lessons.

Today's lesson showed that each finger represented $2.00. Now Professor B, will have me ask, "How many toys can you buy with $6.00?", and Ethan will answer, "Three".

Because he has been practicing with the previous lessons he caught on pretty quickly.

Now that Ethan, completed the lesson, he is suppose to go back and do the 45 minute lesson in one sitting, but because my son has mastered this, I will have him move on.
If Ethan, hadn't mastered this then I would absolutely go back, although I might do most of it myself. Over lunch I might take 10 minutes of a certain part of the lesson, then later while doing the dishes, I'll do another part of the lesson until we get through all parts of it. I have actually done this with him during phase 1 & 2 of this three part lesson (tomorrow he'll start phase 3, the 3rd part of this lesson) .

Ethan also completed a page from his Mathematical Reasoning book from the Critical Thinking Co. I didn't get to Beyond School with him today.

With Caleb and Brent, we did finish another day of Preparing Hearts, minus the science portion. Maybe I can read it to them later. Since we have taken two weeks off, then last week I didn't require the boys to do every, single thing, I am noticing that they are thinking like they did when we first started Heart of Dakota (HOD), that it's too much work. Oh, no! I'm a bit discouraged again, because the next guide, they will need to do more on thier own. I may have to sit down with them again, and go over what I expect from them and tell them to be of good cheer, two more weeks and Grandpa and Grandma will be here, which means two weeks off again!

Brent also completed two pages from his Mathematical Reasoning book and spent 15 minutes using Hear Builder Auditory Memory CD-ROM.

Caleb, completed a Math-U-See lesson. He is almost finished with Epsilon. He still needs to complete 15 minutes of HearBuilder as well.

Annette, is finishing her end-of-the year test from Math-U-See Epsilon and completed a Professor B Math lesson. I believe that's all Annette completed today. She did help me school Princess J and I know she was reading today because all I could see of her when looking in her room was a book.
Josh, completed a keyboarding lesson, Math Essentials, and a Create Better Writers lesson, actually my four oldest children did a writing lesson too.

That's a day of summer school here at Homeschooling6!


Monday we skipped summer school. My dad watched all 9 children while I accompanied Lupe to the Dallas World Trade Center. Our mission, to find products for our little 5x5ft. space at Candy and Jam. We need something that can be replaced and will be purchased again and again.

It was somewhat overwhelming with hundreds of vendors, but soon Lupe and I found some items that we would try in our little shop.

We started in a one-story building called the Market Place, then made our way to the World Trade Center. It was huge. Eighteen stories to be exact. Of course we didn't visit all floors. I think we only saw about 3% of the vendors, if that.

I was getting tired about 1:00 and about that time I felt a headache coming on. I so didn't want a massive headache while spending time with my Sweets. It's not everyday we get to spend 6-8 hours together by ourselves.

After another hour we decided to leave. The walk back to the car was 15-20 minutes in 102*. Not a good mix when one has a pounding headache. As we were walking my stomach started feeling nauseated. By the time we reached the truck I was a mess. My head was pounding, my stomach hurt and I was extremly hot.

We had one last stop to make and with all the twist and turns, I felt really sick. My Sweets finally found the vendor he was looking for. One that serves us little guys. We both thought it would be good for me to get down and cool off. Once we entered the building I knew immediately that I  had to get back to the truck. The building had very little air conditioning and there was a strong plastic smell.

After walking for a few minutes I let Lupe know that I'd rather wait in the car. He walked me back, turned on the air conditioner and made me as comfortable as possible.

I don't know how long I was in the truck maybe 15-20 minutes. Lupe, came and we decided to get something to eat. In the same area was a restraunt. Again, we were thinking a nice cool, air conditioned place would help and give me some relief for the 40 minutes it would take to get home.

When I entered I was disappointed, it was hot. What is wrong with these people in Dallas? Why don't they use the AIR CONDITIONER?!?! Yes, I felt like shouting this but I was too weak. Lupe, asked me if I wanted to try another place, but I said, no. I didn't want to be in the truck anymore. Even though it wasn't COOL in the restraunt, I was hoping it would help.

I didn't feel like eating but ordered a turkey/ham/bacon sandwich just in case along with an ice tea. I nibbled on the french fries and sipped my ice tea but hurt the whole time. I felt like I might faint. My poor hubby was hungry and is trying to eat his burger while his wife is dying in front of him. I told him to take his time and enjoy. I know he had to be hungry.

Lupe packed my lunch and we were on our way home. I was happy and sad. Happy to be on our way and in less than an hour I would be in bed. Sad, because it was going to be a painful 40 minutes. I reclined my chair some, but didn't want to fly out if we were in an accident, so I only let the seat go so far.

On the drive home I was in-and-out of sleep. When we arrived home I immediately headed for my bedroom, turned the air conditioner on, changed into my pj's, took two Ibuprofen, let Annette talk a little and finally slept. Three hours later Lupe, woke me and gave me two more Ibuprofens. I felt so much better. By the end of the day I was back to my old self, thank you Jesus!!!

Later that night we all watched a Netflix show called "Creatures that Defy Evolution Vol. 3". I have to write more about this and Lance later.

Primary Language Lessons

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My sister is super talented and has made Emma Serl's Primary Language Lessons, into a workbook format.
One can use PLL more independently on those busy days and cuddle up with your child on the not so busy days ;)
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Week 1 Day 4 of Summer School

Yay, it's Friday!!! It's been a good but busy week. I had fun teaching a pre-schooler again. Here is what Little J and I are working on. This is from Exploring Letters in My World.
With this program the child is learning all the letters through crafts and all the while saving most of it in a mini lapbook. Now you all know I'm not a big fan of lapbooks. I like the whole idea and have purchased kits in the past, but sad to say, I've never completed one. That is until now, yes it's a mini one but hey, it's a lapbook.

The first letter that Little J is learning, is the letter 'A'. I'm not too fond of programs and books that use the long sound when learning the letter 'A', like 'ape' and 'angel' unless it's something like The Phonics Road or Spell to Write and Read. For Pre-K I like to keep it simple, but because this program is so cute and fun, I'm over looking the whole long 'A' sound.

The cover of the mini lapbook has an angel on it. Little J colored it, I cut it and he taped it on the front cover of the mini lapbook. I like to use double sided tape.
 The inside top flap has the letter 'A', you lift the letter to read a verse. There is a pocket to hold word cards and a flap for the color of the week. On the bottom flap is a poem. The child can find and circle the capital and lower case letter Aa. I think next time I'm going to put what's on the top flap on the bottome and vise vera, because when the mini lapbook is closed the 'word cards' fall out.
 This picture is a bit blurry, it's a pocket to holds some more crafts, like a mini My Word Book, apples with numbers to put in order, animal sort cards and so forth all provided. All I had to do was print, cut and tape.
There are also some activity sheets to print, for instance with the letter "A" pack there is a sheet with pictures and the child is to circle the pictures that start with the letter 'a' long and short sounds. I will say the name of the picture, stressing the /a/ sound.

With the help of Annette, Princess J, completed math and phonics.

Lance, completed Mathematical Reasoning, Language Smarts and Little Hearts

Caleb and Brent, completed math, Preparing Hearts, Who is My Neighbor.

Middle J and Ethan completed grammar, Math, Beyond School and Who is My Neighbor.

Josh and Annette, completed Math, Literature, Christian Keyboarding and Who is My Neighbor.

In the morning I gather all the children for our Bible time using Apologia Who is My Neigbor, so it's not like I'm reading it three or four separate times. My little Niece, Princess J, is using the coloring book. Lance, doesn't care for coloring too much :(

Week 1 Day 3 of Summer School

This morning I had everything I needed printed, cut, taped and piled on my desk (kitchen table) ready to school 9 children ages 4-14. Let me say that by 1:00 I was very ready for our 'quiet time'. I actually thought it was 2:00 and started to send everyone off, but soon realized I had an hour to go, teehee. It was good that I had an hour still because there were a few lessons I still needed to do with Ethan.

Here is what was accomplished:
  • Professor B Math with Lance. He continued to practice subtraction, 10-1=9, 9-1=8, etc.
  • Professor B Math with Ethan. He practiced 2x using fingers to represent two sticks.
  • Beyond School with my nephew and Ethan. I read from American Pioneer and Patriots, Bible, narration, copied their narration (one sentence), and they made canoes out of salt dough.
  • Preparing Hearts School with Caleb and Brent, completed yesterday's map from MapTrek, Read from A Child's History of the World and Raiders From the Sea. Since we are using MapTrek, I skipped the geography box.
  • Phonics Pathways with Lance.
  • Phonics Pathways with Ethan.
  • Little Hearts with Lance, Little J, and Princess J. Basically we are using the Bible portion right now.
  • Exploring Letters in My World with Little J, my 4yr. old nephew. I read 10 Apples Up on Top! We practiced counting to 10 and did a fun craft.
  • Math worksheet with Middle J, my 9yr. old nephew. He practiced the fact family. I'm trying to figure out where he is in math.
  • Apologia~Who is my Neighbor, with all the children. Princess J, my 6yr. old niece, colored from the coloring book page while I read.
What I didn't get done, that I wanted to:
  • Grammar/Writing with Ethan and Middle J.
  • Sit with Josh to go over his math, speaking of Josh, he sold his first online product yesterday and mailed it out today. His Grandpa Joe took him to the post office. It was a Star Trek, remote control.
That was my day. What helped make this work was, prayer and my husband's support (he fixed the printer for me), having all the children eat breakfast at the same time instead of scattered. Had them clean the table off so we could all sit and listen to me read Who is My Neighbor. Then as a group I let each one know what I expected of them, neat work or they would have to do it over. I informed them that everything we do is for the glory of God. I had to really discipline myself not to stray from my goal and that was to school all the children.

Map work via MapTrek. I read from A Child's History of the World and would use the bigger map to show where in the world the place was that's being study. Then we would use the MapTrek map to see up close. I also had them put the names of the 'important' people on their MapTrek map.
 An activity from Exploring Letters in my World Curriculum.
 Princes J's copywork for the day. It's short and sweet, because we are working on her letter formation. Trying to get her letters neatly down and not have the letters flying about on the page.
 Lance, working on his letters.

 Lance, trying not to be seen. He doesn't want to do reading.
 Josh just enjoying a quiet moment.

My Extra Students =)

You know how I'm watching my niece and nephews this summer, well, I found some worksheets for math at Harcart School website. I'll use those with my soon to be 1st grade niece and soon to be 4th grade nephew.

Bible Printables for tracing~Little Princess J, who will enter 1st Grade in the fall. There are coloring pages too for Little J.

I'll have them both do some copywork. My SIL gave me a grammar book that the teacher gave her for Middle J. (the 4th grade nephew) to do over the summer.

Lightning Literature 1st grade for Princess J and Lance.

As for Little J. the 4yr. old I had downloaded Exploring Letters in My World, when it was free from Currclick a few weeks ago.
The only snag I'm running into is my laser printer. It's not printing in color correctly. I might have to have FedEx Office print the pages off. Some pages I would like printed on card stock, so not sure how that would go, also I don't need every, single, page printed. Edited to add that my wonderful hubby fixed the printer.

Hopefully I'll have everything ready for Monday. Now to work on some sort of schedule. Today went well but there was too much going on and the little ones were distracting. Imagine 9 children in a 1,100sft. house, with one bathroom. It is hard to find some quiet space. For instance to read from our Preparing Heart books, we had to go to my bedroom and shut the door.

Anyway, as my cousin Tanni, would say, "It's all good", hee, hee.

Summer School Day 2

I most likely won't post all our Summer School days, but I'll try. Today was a bit loud. I had my three extra blessing, so naturally the noise level will go up a notch. It makes schooling a bit more of a challenge but it's a blessing to have the three children in my care. I am going to find some school work for them this weekend to keep them busy as well. So we'll see how that goes. I don't know what I'll use, ideas welcome ;)

Let's see, I did read from Who is Our Neighbor? to all kiddos, ages 4-14. My four year old nephew asked if I was almost done, but he did really well with keeping quiet as I read.

Ethan and I completed a half lesson of Professor B Math, after completing a few review lessons from Level 1, he started level 2. I am having him start at the beginning with multiplication facts, specifically the 'two times facts'. Ethan knows many of his multiplication but I know he doesn't have them down cold yet.

I like how Professor B, uses fingers. Each finger represents two sticks. For instance the screen would show four fingers, Ethan would say 8.

The only problem was when Ethan would miss one. He gets so upset, reminds me of his older sister Annette. He would hardly miss, but that one he did, my goodness. We had to pause the lesson, so I could explain to him that it's okay if he misses one.

Lance also finished a Professor B Math lesson~Counting to 10 forward and backward. For 8 minutes a day, five times this week he is to recite, 10-1=9, 9-1=8, 8-1=7 and so forth.

I read from Preparing Hearts, and the boys did some mapping via MapTrek. All my children did some type of math~ Math-U-See~ Professor B Math~ Mathimatical Reasoning~ Teaching Textbooks.
Annette did Math and Lightning Literature. Josh, completed a keyboarding lesson and math.

Day 1 of Summer School

Today was our first day of 'Summer School', my kids are so thrilled, not, but oh well, such is life. I was somewhat excited though. I did let the children sleep in till 8:30.

Here is Lance, practicing his Professor B Math, he is counting by twos backwards. I had him close his eyes and try it.
Then we went over some math problems in his Professor B Math workbook that I  printed at home and had spiral bound at FedEx Office.

We ended up having a mini, photo shoot because the first picture came out dark. The second one looks fake. The third one looks, um, well, stressed. I decided to stop after the third one. We can try again later.

Lance, also finished a page from his Language Smarts book.

Ethan, will complete a Professor B Math lesson later today. We need to do this together and I ran out of time before quiet time. Instead of starting our day off with school, we cleaned. It was a nice change-up.

With Caleb and Brent, we started Preparing Hearts, Unit 23. After I read from A child's History of the World, the boys completed a map via Map Trek. Both boys still need to do math and will after nap.

With all the children for Bible, I read from Who is My Neighbor?

Joshua completed a Teaching Textbook math lesson, Keyboarding for the Christian School, and Bob Jones Literature.

Annette completed Lightning Literature, Professor B Math and something else, but I can't remember (how embarrassing). I'll ask her and edit ;)

Almost forgot, Joshua, Caleb, Brent and Ethan also completed 10-15 minutes of HearBuilder Auditory Memory CD-Rom.

That was our first day. 

Dentist Appointment

Yesterday all of us at Homeschooling6 had our teeth clean and when I  say cleaned, believe me, I mean clean. The assistant, is this sweet, soft spoken, lady, but let me tell you, as soon as she gets her cleaning tools going she changes! Talk about Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide.
In her sweet voice, "Now honey, raise your hand if you feel any discomfort, okay", Well, I felt discomfort all right but I didn't raise my hand, no sir, I just took like a champ (or good-nugget). The sooner she'd be done I thought.

Lupe, Josh and Annette, had the same lady and we all had the same story. Ouch! But that didn't get us to raise our hands. Too funny. I guess we will remember that day for a long time and all the laughs besides. We did have fun comparing our stories.

Josh said she accidentally poked his gum. I guess the tool went under to far. Josh said, "Aaaa", all he could do with a sharp instruments in his mouth. The lady said, "Honey, I'm so sorry, it won't happen again, honey", If only you all could hear Joshua tell the story, he'd give your liver a workout with so much laughing.

I'm glad to report no cavities at Homeschooling6. Yay, thank you Jesus!

Not to say the no cavity thing is easy, I'm constantly saying, no too chewy, go back and brush again, rinse after that piece of cake, get me the washcloth and I'll show you how it's done, nope sorry can't have that, only if you remember to rinse, nope it's too late for a cup of juice, did you have your water today, too hard toss it, did you floss?, so as you can see, this mama is working hard to keep cavities at bay.

See the handsome picture of my 3rd child? Look closely at his smile, do you see anything? Good, because you shouldn't. The dentist fixed his chipped tooth, yes, I said chipped. Caleb had 1/4 of his too blown off by an air~soft gun. The war was over but a shot was fired anyway, aimed at Caleb and my poor guy had a big chunk of tooth missing. Thankfully he doesn't seem to have any nerve damage, but the dentist did say that the nerve can die at a later date. We are praying it doesn't otherwise his tooth will become discolored.

Caleb, has to be careful with what he bites into for the rest of his life. No biting apples, or tearing through a piece of beef jerky. He will have to cut the apple and use his side teeth to tear off a piece of jerky.

We are thankful that it didn't cost an arm and a leg to fix. The bill came to $144.00.

I was so grateful to our dentist because Caleb, is pretty self conscious as it is. I noticed after the accident he would look down a lot when he talked.

New Leaf Publishing Review:The Stargazer's Guide to the Night Sky

My family and I enjoy looking to the heavens at night. Especially my children. Although it's hard to see much from our vantage point. This is why I chose to be one of the reviewers for Dr. Jason Lisle's book, 'The Stargazer's Guide to the Night Sky'.

This book has absolutely stunning pictures of what God has created. It's amazing how God's work is captured on camera.
When I first received the book it was a bit overwhelming because there's so much information. I finally decided that first I was going to go through and look at all the photos because every time I'd start to read a chapter, I found myself flipping through the book instead. By going through the book and looking at all the gorgeous photos, I was better able to concentrate on the reading.
These are only a handful of the pictures and it was not easy picking which to include in this review.

What do you get with this hardbound, 240, full~color page book? A remarkable amount of information about astronomy, science, God's Word, vocabulary, charts and much more.

There are twelve chapters:
  • Motions in the Sky~Basic
  • Motions in the Sky~Advanced
  • Understanding the Eye
  • Astronomy with the Unaided Eye
  • Celestial Events
  • Telescope Basics
  • Telescope Observing Se4ssions
  • The Moon and the Sun
  • The Planets
  • Star Classification and Telescope Viewing
  • Deep Sky Objects
  • Astrophotography
On one of my dates with my husband I was happy to inform him about 'The Moon Illusion', and how our eyes play tricks on us.

When the moon is near the horizon it seems larger but it's not. It is the same size as when the moon is higher. The reason being is, the way the mind interprets the shape of the sky. The brain pictures a flattened dome instead of its hemisphere shape, and it sees it as not very high but wide. When the moon is high in the sky, the mind perceives that it is close and very small. When the moon is near the horizon, there are usually other objects (trees for instance) for comparison. The moon is behind all these objects and the mind perceives that the moon must be a great distance and very large. To read more about "The Moon Illusion" one can refer to chapter 8, 'The Moon and Sun'. My husband was pretty impressed and learned something new on our date!

The Stargazer's Guide to the Night Sky, would be a great addition to any library. This book is available at New Leaf Publishing for $34.99.
I received this book at no cost to me, in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.