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Day 1 of Summer School

Today was our first day of 'Summer School', my kids are so thrilled, not, but oh well, such is life. I was somewhat excited though. I did let the children sleep in till 8:30.

Here is Lance, practicing his Professor B Math, he is counting by twos backwards. I had him close his eyes and try it.
Then we went over some math problems in his Professor B Math workbook that I  printed at home and had spiral bound at FedEx Office.

We ended up having a mini, photo shoot because the first picture came out dark. The second one looks fake. The third one looks, um, well, stressed. I decided to stop after the third one. We can try again later.

Lance, also finished a page from his Language Smarts book.

Ethan, will complete a Professor B Math lesson later today. We need to do this together and I ran out of time before quiet time. Instead of starting our day off with school, we cleaned. It was a nice change-up.

With Caleb and Brent, we started Preparing Hearts, Unit 23. After I read from A child's History of the World, the boys completed a map via Map Trek. Both boys still need to do math and will after nap.

With all the children for Bible, I read from Who is My Neighbor?

Joshua completed a Teaching Textbook math lesson, Keyboarding for the Christian School, and Bob Jones Literature.

Annette completed Lightning Literature, Professor B Math and something else, but I can't remember (how embarrassing). I'll ask her and edit ;)

Almost forgot, Joshua, Caleb, Brent and Ethan also completed 10-15 minutes of HearBuilder Auditory Memory CD-Rom.

That was our first day. 

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  1. Good for you! You are so diligent with schooling :) We will be starting summer school soon, too.


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