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Dentist Appointment

Yesterday all of us at Homeschooling6 had our teeth clean and when I  say cleaned, believe me, I mean clean. The assistant, is this sweet, soft spoken, lady, but let me tell you, as soon as she gets her cleaning tools going she changes! Talk about Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide.
In her sweet voice, "Now honey, raise your hand if you feel any discomfort, okay", Well, I felt discomfort all right but I didn't raise my hand, no sir, I just took like a champ (or good-nugget). The sooner she'd be done I thought.

Lupe, Josh and Annette, had the same lady and we all had the same story. Ouch! But that didn't get us to raise our hands. Too funny. I guess we will remember that day for a long time and all the laughs besides. We did have fun comparing our stories.

Josh said she accidentally poked his gum. I guess the tool went under to far. Josh said, "Aaaa", all he could do with a sharp instruments in his mouth. The lady said, "Honey, I'm so sorry, it won't happen again, honey", If only you all could hear Joshua tell the story, he'd give your liver a workout with so much laughing.

I'm glad to report no cavities at Homeschooling6. Yay, thank you Jesus!

Not to say the no cavity thing is easy, I'm constantly saying, no too chewy, go back and brush again, rinse after that piece of cake, get me the washcloth and I'll show you how it's done, nope sorry can't have that, only if you remember to rinse, nope it's too late for a cup of juice, did you have your water today, too hard toss it, did you floss?, so as you can see, this mama is working hard to keep cavities at bay.

See the handsome picture of my 3rd child? Look closely at his smile, do you see anything? Good, because you shouldn't. The dentist fixed his chipped tooth, yes, I said chipped. Caleb had 1/4 of his too blown off by an air~soft gun. The war was over but a shot was fired anyway, aimed at Caleb and my poor guy had a big chunk of tooth missing. Thankfully he doesn't seem to have any nerve damage, but the dentist did say that the nerve can die at a later date. We are praying it doesn't otherwise his tooth will become discolored.

Caleb, has to be careful with what he bites into for the rest of his life. No biting apples, or tearing through a piece of beef jerky. He will have to cut the apple and use his side teeth to tear off a piece of jerky.

We are thankful that it didn't cost an arm and a leg to fix. The bill came to $144.00.

I was so grateful to our dentist because Caleb, is pretty self conscious as it is. I noticed after the accident he would look down a lot when he talked.


  1. Tell Caleb his teeth look great! I know the feeling with having a chipped tooth, and I am glad to hear that it's fixed. I'm sure the nerve is fine; my tooth hit a pole and is still as strong as ever! And since Caleb has Herrera in him, he'll be fine too! :D

  2. MaryEllen, you made me laugh, yup he'll be fine =). To this day I feel bad about the pole accident.


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