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Monday we skipped summer school. My dad watched all 9 children while I accompanied Lupe to the Dallas World Trade Center. Our mission, to find products for our little 5x5ft. space at Candy and Jam. We need something that can be replaced and will be purchased again and again.

It was somewhat overwhelming with hundreds of vendors, but soon Lupe and I found some items that we would try in our little shop.

We started in a one-story building called the Market Place, then made our way to the World Trade Center. It was huge. Eighteen stories to be exact. Of course we didn't visit all floors. I think we only saw about 3% of the vendors, if that.

I was getting tired about 1:00 and about that time I felt a headache coming on. I so didn't want a massive headache while spending time with my Sweets. It's not everyday we get to spend 6-8 hours together by ourselves.

After another hour we decided to leave. The walk back to the car was 15-20 minutes in 102*. Not a good mix when one has a pounding headache. As we were walking my stomach started feeling nauseated. By the time we reached the truck I was a mess. My head was pounding, my stomach hurt and I was extremly hot.

We had one last stop to make and with all the twist and turns, I felt really sick. My Sweets finally found the vendor he was looking for. One that serves us little guys. We both thought it would be good for me to get down and cool off. Once we entered the building I knew immediately that I  had to get back to the truck. The building had very little air conditioning and there was a strong plastic smell.

After walking for a few minutes I let Lupe know that I'd rather wait in the car. He walked me back, turned on the air conditioner and made me as comfortable as possible.

I don't know how long I was in the truck maybe 15-20 minutes. Lupe, came and we decided to get something to eat. In the same area was a restraunt. Again, we were thinking a nice cool, air conditioned place would help and give me some relief for the 40 minutes it would take to get home.

When I entered I was disappointed, it was hot. What is wrong with these people in Dallas? Why don't they use the AIR CONDITIONER?!?! Yes, I felt like shouting this but I was too weak. Lupe, asked me if I wanted to try another place, but I said, no. I didn't want to be in the truck anymore. Even though it wasn't COOL in the restraunt, I was hoping it would help.

I didn't feel like eating but ordered a turkey/ham/bacon sandwich just in case along with an ice tea. I nibbled on the french fries and sipped my ice tea but hurt the whole time. I felt like I might faint. My poor hubby was hungry and is trying to eat his burger while his wife is dying in front of him. I told him to take his time and enjoy. I know he had to be hungry.

Lupe packed my lunch and we were on our way home. I was happy and sad. Happy to be on our way and in less than an hour I would be in bed. Sad, because it was going to be a painful 40 minutes. I reclined my chair some, but didn't want to fly out if we were in an accident, so I only let the seat go so far.

On the drive home I was in-and-out of sleep. When we arrived home I immediately headed for my bedroom, turned the air conditioner on, changed into my pj's, took two Ibuprofen, let Annette talk a little and finally slept. Three hours later Lupe, woke me and gave me two more Ibuprofens. I felt so much better. By the end of the day I was back to my old self, thank you Jesus!!!

Later that night we all watched a Netflix show called "Creatures that Defy Evolution Vol. 3". I have to write more about this and Lance later.

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  1. (((hugs))) on that headache :( They are never fun and even worse in the heat.


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