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My Extra Students =)

You know how I'm watching my niece and nephews this summer, well, I found some worksheets for math at Harcart School website. I'll use those with my soon to be 1st grade niece and soon to be 4th grade nephew.

Bible Printables for tracing~Little Princess J, who will enter 1st Grade in the fall. There are coloring pages too for Little J.

I'll have them both do some copywork. My SIL gave me a grammar book that the teacher gave her for Middle J. (the 4th grade nephew) to do over the summer.

Lightning Literature 1st grade for Princess J and Lance.

As for Little J. the 4yr. old I had downloaded Exploring Letters in My World, when it was free from Currclick a few weeks ago.
The only snag I'm running into is my laser printer. It's not printing in color correctly. I might have to have FedEx Office print the pages off. Some pages I would like printed on card stock, so not sure how that would go, also I don't need every, single, page printed. Edited to add that my wonderful hubby fixed the printer.

Hopefully I'll have everything ready for Monday. Now to work on some sort of schedule. Today went well but there was too much going on and the little ones were distracting. Imagine 9 children in a 1,100sft. house, with one bathroom. It is hard to find some quiet space. For instance to read from our Preparing Heart books, we had to go to my bedroom and shut the door.

Anyway, as my cousin Tanni, would say, "It's all good", hee, hee.

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