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My Two Older Children

Can you believe that we are in June and you all haven't been reading tons of post about next school year? I have wanted to write a few post but hadn't taken the time. Then when I do have the time, my mind goes blank a bit. Maybe it's because I am pretty much set and know what we will use and with some of the children I'm still finishing up some Heart of Dakota guides.

Right now I'm trying to figure out what writing program to use with Josh. I'm trying to decide between WriteShop
And Excellence in Writing, U.S. History~Based Writing.

 I have looked at both and can't decide. I like the style of Excellence in Writing, but I don't want to invest in the whole seminar. I did own it at one time and am familiar with IEW but am not sure if I can successfully use there History writing program without it.

I like the more traditional approach of WriteShop. I was pleasantly surprised to read that WriteShop uses copywork and dictation.

Currently Joshua is using Writing with Skill and he likes it but as his teacher, I'm having a hard time with it.

With Annette, I pretty much know what she'll use:
*Heart of Dakota for history, science, Bible, geography, copywork, dictation, writing and grammar.
*For a more traditional approach to spelling, Soaring with Spelling 7.
*Math~she loves Math-U-See, but I was kinda hoping she would stick with Professor B Math, we'll see. I'd have to order Math-U-See anyway for Caleb. They both will start Zeta in the fall.
*Latin~The Latin Road to English Grammar, both Josh and Annette will use this.

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  1. You already know how I feel about anything IEW,though I prefer the SWI's when possible ;), but both are great programs that will teach excellently. You can't go wrong with either...


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