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Schoolhouse Review: enVisionMATH 4

Pearson Homeschool provides homeschoolers with curriculum for grades PreK to 12 grade.

I received 2011 enVisionMATH 4  to review as a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew. For this review I was provided a Teacher Edition CD-ROM, Hardback Student Edition Textbook, MindPoint Quiz Show CD-ROM, and a Parent Guide explaining a bit about Pearson Homeschool and enVisionMATH. The cost for this Homeschool Bundle is $99.99. HERE you can see the Table of  Contents.

For the purpose of this review I also ordered the Interactive Homework Workbook 4 for $7.97.
There is a manipulative kit available if needed for $15.47. Through the years I have collected so many math manipulative, so I had everything I need.

The Teacher's CD-ROM, at first was a bit overwhelming, but once I played around with it, it was not difficult to navigate and find what I needed. To help you visualize it, I have some screenshots. I'm a pretty visual person myself. Remember you can click on any of the screenshots to enlarge and see it in more detail.

This first screenshot is one of the teacher manual pages, gives you an overview of the lesson, and what you will need for that lesson. This is one of the pages that I felt I didn't need. I would read it but didn't print it off.
Below, is what I would print. It has notes and the answers from the problems in the Student Textbook. What is great about the CD-ROM, is you can choose to print the pages side-by-side, like the image below, or you can print single pages. At first I was printing the pages side-by-side to save paper and ink, but I soon realized that I prefer the single pages.
On the above image, if you look at the top, right hand corner, you'll see 'Contents', and that is what you would use to get to a certain lesson. It's much easier than clicking the arrow key for the next page. You can see below.
There is also a 'Printable Resources' tab, you'd click on that to find all the worksheets that you can use with each lesson. There is more than enough, so I encourage you to pick and choose. There are about six different worksheets~Daily Spiral Review, Problem of the Day, Quick Check, Reteaching, Practice and Enrichment. There are also daily math drills and assessments to print as well.
Another component is the MindPoint Quizz Show, my son enjoyed this, although for my struggling reader, I had to sit and read each question. To make this a little more independent I would have liked the program to 'read' it to the child.

The QuizShow does a good job with getting the child excited to do math, at least my Ethan and Brent were both happy to play. The child can play with another player, single or with a team. We chose a single player.
 Once logged in Ethan (Nature Boy) was able to make his player.
 Then Ethan, was able to choose to either race the clock or challenge the computer.

I liked how enVisionMath 4, taught adding and subtracting using a bar for the child to 'see' and use mental math. I also like the terminology of 'breaking apart' to help the child break apart the addition problem or 'counting on' with using subtraction. This helps the child use mental math and once practiced and understood, the child can calculate mentally. I would have liked for this lesson to have been taught separately thus making it two lessons though.
 Although Ethan and I didn't get this far in the textbook, I like how fractions are taught with using fraction bars. I have a set and plan to pull them out and use the lessons below to teach fractions.
My fractions bars are rarely used an I've always felt limited with using them. I was excited to see enVisionMATH using the bars to teach how to compare, order, add and subtracting fractions. I have never seen the fraction bars used to show the many operations and I plan to use enVisionMath to teach Ethan, his fractions.
How I used enVisionMATH 4~Sunday night I would open my CD-ROM and print the pages I needed. At first I was printing every, single, page, but the more I became familiar with the program, I found I didn't need to print it all. What I printed was the pages that mirrored the textbook but also included the answers and some notes. I also printed any printables that I needed for the whole week for each lesson. At this time I would also look over the notes on the teacher pages via CD-ROM and make any notes that I thought I would need on the pages I printed. It was rare that I needed to do this because the Student Textbook was very thorough.

I mainly taught from the Student Workbook. I would go over the concept using the example at the top of the page. We then would do some problems from the textbook together. The Student Textbook is non-consumable, so just to make it easier for child and mom ;) I used the Interactive Workbook pages for Ethan to write in. If you would like to do something similar but prefer not to purchase the Interactive Homework Workbook, one can choose one or two student pages from the many printable available from the Teacher Edition CD-ROM instead.

I found that enVisionMATH 4, took no longer to teach than math programs I have used in the past. The actual teaching time took about 20 minutes but because Ethan struggles with reading, it took longer with me having to read all the word problems.

A few things to think about to help you make an informed decision about enVisionMATH 4!

*The Student textbook is hardback and non-consumable, this is a big plus because it's a one time buy. No need to buy anything for your next 4th grade math student.

*Now I know many homeschoolers prefer a workbook type program (I'm one of them), so the whole non-consumable thing can be con. This can be remedied by using the worksheets that one can print from the Teacher CD-ROM.

*The parent does need to sit with the child and teach the lesson, this is not necessarily a negative thing per se, as I enjoy teaching my children, but because I do have many subjects to teach I have opted to use online resources this year to help me teach math.

*There does appear to be quite a bit of reading if you have a good reader this shouldn't be an issue and I do recall a few math programs with the same amount of reading ( I have purchased over a dozen math programs in the past 10 years).  If like me, you do have a struggling  reader, simply tweak the program. Like I mentioned above, I used Student Text to teach the lesson and had Ethan use the workbook I purchased to write in, but you can simply print off the worksheets provided.

Over all I think enVisionMATH 4 is a thorough math program. I know the price seems a bit steep, but with going on my tenth year of homeschooling and having purchased many math programs through the years, I can say that I have spent anywhere from $40.00 to $150.00 in the past.

What did Ethan think of enVisionMATH 4, well, let me just say, he liked it better than his current math program.

**Disclaimer: As a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew, I received enVisionMATH 4 Homeschool Bundle, at no cost to me, in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are mine.


  1. Thanks for the sharing the in depth review with the pictures.

    I am totally with ya on the non-consumable aspect! We have 6 blessings, too.

  2. You're welcome =)I loved the variety of the worksheets provided. Thanks for visiting!

  3. Very Nice Review! We also had the same book....can I ask what you thought of the additional Homework book you ordered? Are these like extra worksheets just already printed out? The answers are in the back? I am considering purchasing it as well.
    Thanks for any insight you can give me :)



  4. Yes, they are printed on that newspapery print and are perforated. It's nice because you don't have to print any worksheets but there's no answer key.You can see a picture at the bottom of this post http://training6hearts4him.blogspot.com/search?updated-max=2012-05-24T15:48:00-05:00&max-results=20&start=8&by-date=false

  5. Ooops, I meant this link http://training6hearts4him.blogspot.com/2012/05/week-34day-173.html

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