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Summer School Day 2

I most likely won't post all our Summer School days, but I'll try. Today was a bit loud. I had my three extra blessing, so naturally the noise level will go up a notch. It makes schooling a bit more of a challenge but it's a blessing to have the three children in my care. I am going to find some school work for them this weekend to keep them busy as well. So we'll see how that goes. I don't know what I'll use, ideas welcome ;)

Let's see, I did read from Who is Our Neighbor? to all kiddos, ages 4-14. My four year old nephew asked if I was almost done, but he did really well with keeping quiet as I read.

Ethan and I completed a half lesson of Professor B Math, after completing a few review lessons from Level 1, he started level 2. I am having him start at the beginning with multiplication facts, specifically the 'two times facts'. Ethan knows many of his multiplication but I know he doesn't have them down cold yet.

I like how Professor B, uses fingers. Each finger represents two sticks. For instance the screen would show four fingers, Ethan would say 8.

The only problem was when Ethan would miss one. He gets so upset, reminds me of his older sister Annette. He would hardly miss, but that one he did, my goodness. We had to pause the lesson, so I could explain to him that it's okay if he misses one.

Lance also finished a Professor B Math lesson~Counting to 10 forward and backward. For 8 minutes a day, five times this week he is to recite, 10-1=9, 9-1=8, 8-1=7 and so forth.

I read from Preparing Hearts, and the boys did some mapping via MapTrek. All my children did some type of math~ Math-U-See~ Professor B Math~ Mathimatical Reasoning~ Teaching Textbooks.
Annette did Math and Lightning Literature. Josh, completed a keyboarding lesson and math.

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