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Summer School/Vacation

We're officially on vacation with the exception of a few Schoolhouse Review items. Annette, completed a Lightning Literature lesson, Monday, she'll start Professor B. Ethan and Lance, completed a Professor B Math lesson today. Joshua, will use Professor B later today after our daily Quiet Time.

With the children being so willing to use items that I'm reviewing during what was suppose to be their time off, I decided to reward them with extra tickets. During our two week vacation, every time they complete a lesson from one of the Schoolhouse Review items, they receive two tickets! Normally it's one ticket per subject. The children would have helped me out regardless of the tickets but I wanted them to know I appreciate them using their vacation time and that they did not complain about it.
Joshua, will start a keyboarding program from Christian Keyboarding. He's actually excited about this. Thank you son!

Along with our Heart of Dakota Studies we'll use MapTrek 6 E-Book Set, to help with our geography learning. This is a real blessing, because we love maps. The one thing I felt was missing from our current history program was maps!!! Then for Bible this summer I was blessed to be one of the reviewers for Apologia's Who is My Neighbor biblical worldview course. As you can see we have an exciting line-up this summer.


  1. Just popping in to let you know good things are coming if you plan to use HOD long term. In RTR (Resurrection to Reformation) you'll use a Map Trek CD that includes MANY wonderful maps that the children use in their geography studies and in a few science and history studies as well. You'll use a LOT of these! Then in the following guides, it looks like they use Map Trek CD's each year. So your map cravings should be sufficiently met soon!

    Love your blog, enjoy your summer vacation!

  2. Hi, Lisa, yes I have drooled, I mean looked at the other guides and am excitied to use them in the fall. I should have been more clear but I was speaking about Preparing and below.
    Thanks so much for visiting!!!

  3. Linda, we too are looking forward to checking out the Map Trek stuff!
    Enjoy your summer!


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