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Summer Days

We are in the middle of our first week off of school and we all don't know what to do with ourselves. Imagine that! My morning routine, wake-up, fix a cup of Java, read my emails, watch an episode of Columbo, take a shower and start my day =)

Since we are taking a few weeks off there is really no school to report. The only thing we are doing is Professor B Math and Lightning Literature. It worked out that I only have one review this month.

Next month will be busy with, summer school, watching three more children and lots of reviews, so it's  a good busy.

This morning Lance woke up with a bug, a stomach virus that is. Hopefully it's a 24 hour thing.

The children played outside for a while and I'm catching up on my laundry.


  1. I hope he gets better...I have that bug...it started on Saturday and it's still going strong. :(

  2. I know the feeling of what to do. I don't think our extra 2 days off will last through the summer. Don is off this week, but next week we start our Summer School. We need the routine, even if we fill it with something else, like the e-science camp that we wouldn't normally do. They will get the week off when Reff visits. So pretty much, we would have almost a whole month off, I think that is a good break.

    I hope Lance is feeling better.


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