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Week 1 Day 3 of Summer School

This morning I had everything I needed printed, cut, taped and piled on my desk (kitchen table) ready to school 9 children ages 4-14. Let me say that by 1:00 I was very ready for our 'quiet time'. I actually thought it was 2:00 and started to send everyone off, but soon realized I had an hour to go, teehee. It was good that I had an hour still because there were a few lessons I still needed to do with Ethan.

Here is what was accomplished:
  • Professor B Math with Lance. He continued to practice subtraction, 10-1=9, 9-1=8, etc.
  • Professor B Math with Ethan. He practiced 2x using fingers to represent two sticks.
  • Beyond School with my nephew and Ethan. I read from American Pioneer and Patriots, Bible, narration, copied their narration (one sentence), and they made canoes out of salt dough.
  • Preparing Hearts School with Caleb and Brent, completed yesterday's map from MapTrek, Read from A Child's History of the World and Raiders From the Sea. Since we are using MapTrek, I skipped the geography box.
  • Phonics Pathways with Lance.
  • Phonics Pathways with Ethan.
  • Little Hearts with Lance, Little J, and Princess J. Basically we are using the Bible portion right now.
  • Exploring Letters in My World with Little J, my 4yr. old nephew. I read 10 Apples Up on Top! We practiced counting to 10 and did a fun craft.
  • Math worksheet with Middle J, my 9yr. old nephew. He practiced the fact family. I'm trying to figure out where he is in math.
  • Apologia~Who is my Neighbor, with all the children. Princess J, my 6yr. old niece, colored from the coloring book page while I read.
What I didn't get done, that I wanted to:
  • Grammar/Writing with Ethan and Middle J.
  • Sit with Josh to go over his math, speaking of Josh, he sold his first online product yesterday and mailed it out today. His Grandpa Joe took him to the post office. It was a Star Trek, remote control.
That was my day. What helped make this work was, prayer and my husband's support (he fixed the printer for me), having all the children eat breakfast at the same time instead of scattered. Had them clean the table off so we could all sit and listen to me read Who is My Neighbor. Then as a group I let each one know what I expected of them, neat work or they would have to do it over. I informed them that everything we do is for the glory of God. I had to really discipline myself not to stray from my goal and that was to school all the children.

Map work via MapTrek. I read from A Child's History of the World and would use the bigger map to show where in the world the place was that's being study. Then we would use the MapTrek map to see up close. I also had them put the names of the 'important' people on their MapTrek map.
 An activity from Exploring Letters in my World Curriculum.
 Princes J's copywork for the day. It's short and sweet, because we are working on her letter formation. Trying to get her letters neatly down and not have the letters flying about on the page.
 Lance, working on his letters.

 Lance, trying not to be seen. He doesn't want to do reading.
 Josh just enjoying a quiet moment.

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