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Week 1 Day 4 of Summer School

Yay, it's Friday!!! It's been a good but busy week. I had fun teaching a pre-schooler again. Here is what Little J and I are working on. This is from Exploring Letters in My World.
With this program the child is learning all the letters through crafts and all the while saving most of it in a mini lapbook. Now you all know I'm not a big fan of lapbooks. I like the whole idea and have purchased kits in the past, but sad to say, I've never completed one. That is until now, yes it's a mini one but hey, it's a lapbook.

The first letter that Little J is learning, is the letter 'A'. I'm not too fond of programs and books that use the long sound when learning the letter 'A', like 'ape' and 'angel' unless it's something like The Phonics Road or Spell to Write and Read. For Pre-K I like to keep it simple, but because this program is so cute and fun, I'm over looking the whole long 'A' sound.

The cover of the mini lapbook has an angel on it. Little J colored it, I cut it and he taped it on the front cover of the mini lapbook. I like to use double sided tape.
 The inside top flap has the letter 'A', you lift the letter to read a verse. There is a pocket to hold word cards and a flap for the color of the week. On the bottom flap is a poem. The child can find and circle the capital and lower case letter Aa. I think next time I'm going to put what's on the top flap on the bottome and vise vera, because when the mini lapbook is closed the 'word cards' fall out.
 This picture is a bit blurry, it's a pocket to holds some more crafts, like a mini My Word Book, apples with numbers to put in order, animal sort cards and so forth all provided. All I had to do was print, cut and tape.
There are also some activity sheets to print, for instance with the letter "A" pack there is a sheet with pictures and the child is to circle the pictures that start with the letter 'a' long and short sounds. I will say the name of the picture, stressing the /a/ sound.

With the help of Annette, Princess J, completed math and phonics.

Lance, completed Mathematical Reasoning, Language Smarts and Little Hearts

Caleb and Brent, completed math, Preparing Hearts, Who is My Neighbor.

Middle J and Ethan completed grammar, Math, Beyond School and Who is My Neighbor.

Josh and Annette, completed Math, Literature, Christian Keyboarding and Who is My Neighbor.

In the morning I gather all the children for our Bible time using Apologia Who is My Neigbor, so it's not like I'm reading it three or four separate times. My little Niece, Princess J, is using the coloring book. Lance, doesn't care for coloring too much :(

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