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Week 2 Day 8 of Summer School

I'm thankful that today was not super hot, it's about 96* today, although I do miss that California weather in Ventura County. It's hard to believe that I use to think 76* was hot.

The children ventured outside today which was a nice change for them. With the 100*+ weather we've been having, the children have been cooped up.

Joshua, worked on his fort he is building. He has been digging a few trenches in the back yard. His cousins will be here in a few weeks and he plans to have some air-soft wars.

Lance, Little J and Princess J, had a picnic outside. I packed some sack lunches, they were pretty excited. Princess J and Lance, playing with her DS.
All Lance did today was Professor B Math. He is now practicing, 10-2=8, 8-2=6, 6-2=4 and so forth. I'll have him do a page of Language Smarts later. Yesterday he did some of his school work in the evening as well.
Ethan will complete a Professor B Math lesson tonight. I am having him and Middle J (I'm so creative with names) work through a workbook that was sent home with my nephew to keep his 3rd grade skills sharp. Both Middle J and Ethan, completed 3rd grade this year and will start 4th grade in the fall.
 This was today's assignmet. I had them alternate with reading the sentences and answering the questions. I like to do this with them to make sure they read all the sentences correctly.
Both boys read almost all the words, there were a few that I helped them with but I was really pleased. It's exciting when they pick-up that reading. We also worked with the vowel combination 'ea'. I had the boys read words from Phonics Pathway and write at least ten of them down. No Beyond School today.

The four oldest students did another lesson from Create Better Writers~How to Teach the Paragraph.
 I went over the five parts that make a good paragraph. I had them copy the five parts and they are to commit them to memory as well.
Caleb completed another Math-U-See lesson and Brent completed two pages of his Mathematical Reasoning book.

Annette, finished here Math-U-See Epsilon book, yay! Today she also went to her sewing class. She is making me a blanket.

Joshua completed, Math Essentials, Bob Jones Spanish and Christian Keyboarding.

Joshua, Caleb, Brent and Ethan also did about 15 minutes of HearBuilder.

Brent, Ethan and Middle J, practiced their multiplication using Timez Attack.


  1. Way to go Annette! Will she go on to Zeta?

    Miss you! Will email soon...:)

  2. Hi, Dee!!! Yes, she'll move on to Zeta. I've been thinking about you but know you are so busy.


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