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Week 2 of Summer School

My wheels are slowing down. Last week I kept all the plates spinning. This time I have to force myself to put one subject in front of the other.

Math with Ethan went well today. He's still in the times 2. I thought since he can skip count by twos, he would have flown through the lessons, but it hasn't happened. I'm finding that the different ways Professor B Math presents the counting by twos, is not just rote memory. The child has to think and really know, and I have noticed that the lessons are also preparing Ethan for division with the questions being asked during the lessons.

Today's lesson showed that each finger represented $2.00. Now Professor B, will have me ask, "How many toys can you buy with $6.00?", and Ethan will answer, "Three".

Because he has been practicing with the previous lessons he caught on pretty quickly.

Now that Ethan, completed the lesson, he is suppose to go back and do the 45 minute lesson in one sitting, but because my son has mastered this, I will have him move on.
If Ethan, hadn't mastered this then I would absolutely go back, although I might do most of it myself. Over lunch I might take 10 minutes of a certain part of the lesson, then later while doing the dishes, I'll do another part of the lesson until we get through all parts of it. I have actually done this with him during phase 1 & 2 of this three part lesson (tomorrow he'll start phase 3, the 3rd part of this lesson) .

Ethan also completed a page from his Mathematical Reasoning book from the Critical Thinking Co. I didn't get to Beyond School with him today.

With Caleb and Brent, we did finish another day of Preparing Hearts, minus the science portion. Maybe I can read it to them later. Since we have taken two weeks off, then last week I didn't require the boys to do every, single thing, I am noticing that they are thinking like they did when we first started Heart of Dakota (HOD), that it's too much work. Oh, no! I'm a bit discouraged again, because the next guide, they will need to do more on thier own. I may have to sit down with them again, and go over what I expect from them and tell them to be of good cheer, two more weeks and Grandpa and Grandma will be here, which means two weeks off again!

Brent also completed two pages from his Mathematical Reasoning book and spent 15 minutes using Hear Builder Auditory Memory CD-ROM.

Caleb, completed a Math-U-See lesson. He is almost finished with Epsilon. He still needs to complete 15 minutes of HearBuilder as well.

Annette, is finishing her end-of-the year test from Math-U-See Epsilon and completed a Professor B Math lesson. I believe that's all Annette completed today. She did help me school Princess J and I know she was reading today because all I could see of her when looking in her room was a book.
Josh, completed a keyboarding lesson, Math Essentials, and a Create Better Writers lesson, actually my four oldest children did a writing lesson too.

That's a day of summer school here at Homeschooling6!

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