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Week 36/Day 180

May28th-June 1st, 2012. Day 180.

We finished!!!

We at homeschooling6 are so excited, we finished all 36 weeks of school. I was surprised that somehow the 180th day landed on Friday, our last day of official school. Funny, neat, and surprising!

This last week of school we hit the books for four days and had a fun day on Friday.
The children were surprised when I announced Friday morning that we were taking a walk to the donut shop. They were happy to get their own drink as well. Usually they have to share but this was a special occasion.
We didn't know Ms. Nan, would be there, so that was an extra special treat. Ms. Nan, is Annette's sewing teacher. She has been a huge blessing with teaching the girls about Christ and sewing.

 The sun was in their faces, so it was hard to get a good picture.
 Walking to the park. I love taking pictures of them all together from a distance.

 The park is about five minutes from the donut shop and our favorite coffee shop.
 Showing off their yummy donuts. Ethan, kept looking away, and Lance was getting tired because I  was trying to get a picture with all of them looking.

 They are cheering and celebrating because they get two weeks of (sorta, we do need to start a few Schoolhouse Review Crew items).
 I ordered breakfase instead of a sweet donut. I can't eat sweets in the morning anymore, it must be a 'getting' older thing ;) I had a sausage, egg and cheese croissant.
 I didn't get the shot I wanted, but at least I tried. The first time with all the children on the slide, they got squashed.
 This one came out better but you can barely see them, maybe next time.
 This kiddos and I are very careful NOT to go to the park on a Wednesday, ask us how we know. Let's just say those sirens are LOUD, very LOUD.
 The children played Mother May I. Hard to believe that our littlest guy won the game, good job Lance.
 I tried again, but still didn't get that picture I wanted, oh well, at least I tried.

 Joshua is part monkey, he loves climbing trees. Yup, it scares this mama. I'm constantly praying for my adventurous boys.
 That big tree is what Joshua climbed.
 Here is Ethan's spelling page, just thought I'd add something schoolish =)


  1. Congratulations!! Looks like a fun way to celebrate a year of accomplishments :)

    Happy Sunday!

  2. Wow, love this post! Must be because of all the pictures :D

    Congratulations on another completed year! You are such an awesome Mom, and inspiration. Miss you!

  3. It's such an awesome feeling to finish, isn't it! You got so much accomplished this year!


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