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Week Two Day 7 of Summer School

{My desk in the morning. As I teach and finish, I put the books away}
I haven't been taking too many pictures of our summer school days. This morning I started with reading Who is My Neighbor. All nine children sat around the table, coloring or drawing while I read. It was a bit of a longer read today, but the little ones did well.

This is our second day using Creat Better Writers~How to Teach the Paragraph. Yesterday and today I had Joshua, Annette, Caleb and Brent write a paragraph. They could choose any topic. This will give me an idea of what they do and do not know about writing a paragraph. Tomorrow, I'll start Step 2. with them~Learning the Five Parts, which will teach them the five parts of a good paragraph.

I then sat with my nephew and Ethan, they completed a grammar page, I read from American Pioneers and Patriots, they copied a sentence, did a comprehension page and later we went over the long sound of 'e' and the double 'ee'. They also copied  ten words from Phonics Pathway.

With Caleb and Brent, I read from our history reader, read aloud, and later today after dinner they wilil complete a MapTrek map.

Also later I need to get math in with Ethan and Lance.

I did pre-school with Little J. We are still working on the letter 'A'. I'm not expecting him to know the sounds but just introduce him to the letters. Below he is circling all the A's.
 He sorted the animals and put them in the correct habitat.
 Princess J, and Annette wanted to join in.

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