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Weekend Wrap-Up

 As I sit here and type, I'm enjoying my Tassimo Espresso. The glass is from my brother. It was a set of four that he gave me five years ago for CHRISTmas. I think I only have one left.

First weekend of June 2012
 My kiddos found that one doesn't have to stand to play the Wii. At least it took them over six years to figure it out. Below Lance is playing Clone Wars.
 Annette, Josh and their dad went to the farmer's market and brought home some raw honey.
 Nothing like playing in the mud on a HOT summer day. Brent and Ethan.
 He actually let me take a picture of him.
 Sunday evening, we picked weeds at the church playground. The weeds are taking over.

 Brent, drinking some water. It was hot! The children outlasted their mama.

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