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Where's Ethan/Date Night

My children fall asleep in the weirdest places. I was checking on the kiddos and couldn't find Ethan, he scares me like that. I get freaked out, thinking he might have left the house because he sleep walks.

Thankfully I found him under his bed.

Lupe and I had dinner at Long John Silver's (think that's the name). I had Cod fish and fries, Lupe had shrimp and fries. It was okay. Long John Silver's isn't my favorite place to eat, but it is Father's Day weekend ;)

 After dinner we went to the supermarket and guess what? We spent less than a $100.00, yay! Our last stop was Macy's, my Sweets surprised me, I wasn't expecting to buy clothes. I purchased two much needed skirts and four tops. All for $150.00. On our our way out we found some nice things for Annette too. She needs some church clothes as well. My little girl is growing.

We didn't make it to my favorite store {Target} tonight.

I really enjoy our date nights. I like having a quiet meal with my Sweets.

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  1. How fun! Sounds like you and Lupe had a nice night out. And I'm glad you found Ethan, LOL, that's a funny place to fall asleep indeed! :p


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